Sunday, November 29

nenjukkul mutham ittAL

For about a month now I am totally lost in the song(s) - kaNNathil muthammittAl. Be it the female / male version it reaches deep within me and takes me to a different plane; read with goose bumps.

Just when I was going crazy about it I got link to a youtube video (removed since *grrr*) of a girl singing the song in a malayalam talent show for kids. She had me in tears left me wanting for go prostrate at her feet. Silly as it may sound this is probably me gaining the vulnerability that I have been taught to loose.

As I write this I am wishing to feel this same feeling of bliss as the last thing I'd ever feel :).


Friday, November 13

Don't Worry

Sometimes in life things get very uncertain. Something like cat on a wall. And for a while you worry what is gonna happen. Interestingly nothing might happen and yet we spend our time worrying. It is the fear that the society has instilled in us from childhood. After lot of contemplation you decide it not worth it and get on with other things in life.

But then people still continue to comfort you saying "Don't worry, everything will work out fine!". Agreed it is a moral support at a conscious level. But I wonder if all it would do is remind the person to worry :D. It kinda makes sure you don't forget to worry. He he.

What would it take to get over the fear driven attitude engraved as deep as our subconsciousness? I would wanna take a shot at it.