Wednesday, November 29

November Fest ends with a bang

I believe I have already given a short introduction about this in a previous post. I was fortunate to make it to two concerts - In Unison and A Meeting of Minds. The compere is worth mentioning - Mr. Ramakrishnan (the one who acts as sandhya's father in the movie 'May Maadham'), former news reader. Such immaculate pronounciation and his deliverance really made us expect the same from the stage.

BMK was absolutely scintillating in the former program on the 18th. It was amazing witnessing his finesse in fleeting across two octaves. Gosh! that is truly amazing voice. Pandit Ajoy had tough time catching up (like I know a thing #-o). And it wasn't just me who felt that way. Some seasoned listeners said Ajoy's part failed to impress them. The program was more inclined to the hindustani genre for which I don't hold the talent to appreciate it as much as carnatic. Somehow I feel hindustani is blander or lacks the vibrancy that I find in carnatic genre. And being little shorter than two hours, it really didn't feel complete. But my objective to witness BMK was fulfilled :). Unfortunately I forgot my camera so had to do with my mobile. The two on stage were so bright and glittering in pearl white and gold that my mobile saw everything in white :D.

Explaining about the mOhana veenai Posted by Picasa

The finale of the event was a treat. This was the first time I'v heard the chitrai veenai and mOhana veenai (which is adopted from a guitar) at a concert. The highlight of the concerts was the RTP which began in raagam keeravaani for it was absolute bliss, the crowd completely enraptured. Finally the percussionists taunting (friendly of course) one another by singing and challenging the other to play it was fun fun fun to listen. It was innovative for it is quite uncommon these days. All thanks to "Umayalpuram K Sivaraman" initiation on the spur :). And this just came at the moment when I felt the concert wasn't justice to the percussionists. Lasting almost close to 30 mins, I felt quite content. Somehow I am beginning to like longer pieces (not me playing any such :D) and lengthy concerts.
It was a good prelude for the season. And I really hate being tied down at the start of the season grrrr. Will publish the schedule for the season soon :). Clinging on to get there ...

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Sunday, November 26

MK is Brilliant!

I seldom comment on politics. But this, I just couldn't miss commenting on. Tamil Nadu chief minister M.Karunanidhi IMHO is simply brilliant. For that matter most politicians are, but he is exceptional. This is how.

He makes the promise of giving so much for free and keeps up with it. Of course, at the cost of the government treasury (and tax payers money) which Selvi Jayalalitha has managed to fill up during her tenure. Having come to power he can fill up his personal treasury and aid in extending SUN T.V.'s monopoly. While all this is happening people are unaware of whats happening to them.

The rich get barely affected by all this, they have their way around. The middle-class people are the ones plauged because its their hard earned money that goes to the poor, thanks to the government communistic ideals. Besides this group just wants to live a peaceful life so they seldom retaliate. They pay up the extra money they have to shell out without whining. The CURSE is theirs to take. The poor on the other hand have no scope for improvement either, because they get so much for free and are quite content with it :). Or should I say the goverment gives them the feeling of contentment. Why would they ever want more? If they get any richer, they are only gonna be taxed more :D. And the government would make sure they remain that way.

So while MK gains popularity as the man who keeps his promise and does so much for people, he also makes sure people are unaware that he is eating on them.

Miss.JJ is probably no better, but for the fact that she is more capitalistic. She reminds me of the cartoon character - uncle scrooge, who swims in his treasury ;)). The problem in her regime - people have to work their ass out to earn money. But their hard earned money is mostly theirs to enjoy. You don't earn for someone to enjoy it. She lets the poor work hard for their earnings, and hence her unpopularity. She too makes promises, but not the kind MK makes. With SUN TV's poplarity, rather their monopoly, MK makes sure he beats Miss.JJ quite easily.

But if you observe, neither government will enable people to make a better livelihood for themselves. Because if they do, people can make a more informed decision as to whom to elect to power. That would negate both these parties and put those who work more selflessly in power. Considering these, I find the true intent of the reservation system to be a better option (not the one that the govt is enforcing now, as its predominantly misused) than these promises which barely do anything towards improving peoples lives. People don't have good sanitation facilities and government gives them free T.V. and free LPG. Who cares? Coz everyone litters in the neighbours compound #-o. The whole world is fighting over oil prices, and here our government gives it away for free. I would only expect prices to go much higher than they already are. As such Indians pay HUGE for fuel in comparison with others.

The catch 22 situation here (as I see it), is interesting. Governement gives so much for free / on heavy subsidy. For lack of supply the demand rises, and so does the price. The middle class manage it with more sweat and silent grudge. Cost of living gets worser. The poor become less able to afford commodities they get for free. In effect they remain poor, and even more dependent on governments support. End result, what seemed like improvement in short term brings things back to square one. What has really changed? More money with people who governed, and life gets more expensive than before.

Things would have probably improved had people just earned their living and got what they deserved. Hard as it may seem in the short term, it would probably pay more than the current trend. I am probably being judgmental despite my inadequate know-how, but the enterprising, even if he is amongst the poor does rises up. It is only the inept who claim for what they don't deserve as if their birth right. And, thats dependency is exactly what these parties need!

Bottomline, the alternating governments of TN make sure people are dependent of them to the end that they put them in power subsequently. In power to make money for themselves, and seemingly help the people. Guess thats what everybody does ;) when it comes to money, even the common man. It is all about the way you project youself, be it industry or politics.

I am still wondering if there is anything to be done about this. Or maybe, this is just how things will work in TN :-?.

What a mind game!

My knowledge on politics is weak, so don't take me seriously. I barely know the big picture. These are just my opinions with the least knowledge of what is happening. This is not a rational opinion, just a meaningless rambling. Guess thats what blogging is!

Thursday, November 16

Are you a hindu?

This was the question the guy sitting next to me in the bus asked during a recent trip of mine to kancheepuram. I believe he wanted to know as to what language I speak to make a conversation. So I said "naa tamilzh dhaan" ("I am a tamil guy") realizing the guy was also a tamilian (written all over his face).
The guy first wondered if I was a North Indian, but something made him certain I wasn't a southie *duh*. But the question he threw at me asking for my religion really irritated me. I was hell pissed and was so tempted to ask "why the F*** dyu want to know that?". But then I realized it was probably just a lack of proficiency in expression. Or it it stands testament to how much religion and cast are ingrained in this country.
I'v never asked such a question, and rarely been asked. And I see no reason to. Do you ever ask someone such a question? How do you feel when someone asks such a question?

Sunday, November 12

You cute thing :-*

Have you ever noticed a dog sneeze? with a short *achuuk* sound followed by some quick puffs of breathing out. It is one of the cutest of moments with a dog ;). They are just absolutely adorable in the moments following their sneeze.
Esp. watching them rub their nose with their paws is simply hilarious as much as its cute :). And the look that they give when you stare at them in those moments, wa puppy face. No pet lover would dare miss a warm kiss. Unless you are an unfortunate being who is allergic of dogs.
Why all of a sudden this? Coz I have been sneezing left, right and centre since morning despite the nasal spray #-o. And my crazy sneezing reminded me of my friend's pet dog "prince"'s sneezing.
Fortunately though god bestowed me with a universe of allergies, he's kept me confortable with dogs :). This time I fell pray to prolonged exposure to half burned diesel, I think.
Grounded with work, absolutely no topics to post, blank mind and to top it all no gf's to squander with #-o. Woops ... ting ting *-:)

Tuesday, November 7

The Musical Extravagenze Begins

Well folks! Chennai - the Music Capital of Carnatic Music is rising again :). The december season mayhem is not here as yet but the atmosphere is already firing up.

This one is sponsored by The Hindu (Check out the schedule here). Goes by the name of November Fest - Let the music begin.

Unfortunately for me, guess I can only make it for BMK. Got to get my shackles off before the season kicks off in a fortnight. Really prowling to get my hands on the season schedule.

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Sunday, November 5

Weatherman's Words of wisdom

In chennai the weather & weather-man have a lovely relationship. They agree only in the rarest of situations. In general the agree to disagree he he :D.

Yesterday, the city was supposed to experience heavy showers that the MET'dept declared for all schools to be closed. So we were expecting a gloomy day with incessant rains and temporal flooding by rain waters in the city rendering commuting impossible. Thats the situation which usually warrants such a declaration.

As anticipated (general public seem to have an edge when it comes to forecasting) it was a bright day with not even a drizzle ;)). Kids were having a blast with their day off, while some lamenting over the boredom of being at home.

Wonder how the weatherman feels about this :-?, when only a handful predictions in a year comming through in their favour.

Thursday, November 2

If it helps

If it ain't too much to ask please visit helpanna. Not sure how much it does. But this doesn't take much on your part as part of your regular blog-hopping. Do spread the word. Thanks madhu.