Sunday, October 25

World Peace

We all talk of world peace and how our life is inflicted by lack of peace in the world around us. I heard this story in context of explaining this.

A small kid was waiting on the shores of a sea. The kid's mother asked - "What are you waiting for? Why are you not taking your bath?".

The kid replied - "No No! Let all the waves settle down; then I'll take my bath."

This is how many of us are when it comes to peace. For certain we can make our perception of the world leave us without conflict and in peace. Yet, we disregard it and wait for the world to be in peace before we would.

On a related note, the more people try to bring peace in the world there only seem to be less of it ;). Think about it. Every war starts with the note to bring peace. It is interesting that we spend our efforts in vain efforts to bring peace to the rest of the world even before we realize peace within ourselves.


Sunday, October 4

My Cousin Vinny

After quite some time I saw this hilarious comedy thanks to my friends recommendation. It was much more convincing since he had watched it before.

Really neat movie with a nice entertaining flow all through. I can probably watch it again for the dialogues. If you ever get a chance to watch this movie please pay attention to the dialogues. Thats when you'd get the most fun out of it. A good movie for light hearted evening (perhaps not with the kids though).

And then this movie Surrogates! A sci-fi flick with the regular story and action. Something unexplained in the end, but otherwise watchable once. Not really thought provoking or anything. Not the first of its kind but interesting. Twists, turns and a happy ending.