Wednesday, March 29


I don't think many people would be able to recognize the title, but thats what Sol (nash's partner) paint on the rear windshield of the car during Nash's wedding :). Thoughtful itsn't it?

This is one of the most cherished non entertainment movie I own. Based in part from the biography by Sylvia Nasser, which I am yet to lay my hands on. It is very unlike me to say I hate to see movies, but am bored of my collection. This movies had waited too long in the shelves. I usually watch this movie when I am a bit moody and so I did ;), and it does wonders. Actually I couldn't study so I decided to waste time as I always do.

If you'd like to know more about him (I don't see it befitting of me to extol him being what I am. ... so am sparing the formalities), follow the link in the title ("Raw Data", its flash so you'v got to do it thyself). And here is what he's got to say about himself.

The background score definitely adds flavour to the movie. To me, this is an emotional movie. And as the opening credits roll (of dreamworks and skg) *goosebumps* ha ha. The classical music is just perfect n draws emotions very well. Its merry, yet not too groovy. Perfect to listen to with one's eyes closed.

This time though I observed a lot more of the dialogues I normally consider trivial :D. With time how you look at things does change :( :). One dialogue worth mentioning is what the doctor of the psychiatric hospital says - "Imagine if you had someday known ... the people, the places, the moments most imporant to you ... they'r not gone, they'r not dead ... but worse ... ... they'v never been ... what kind of hell would that be".

And yes, the moment in the movie that I cherish the most is when the pens go down for john nash :) - "Professor Nash ... its good to have you here john ... its an honour sir ... a previledge professor ... ". That would be my pick for the best scene in the movie. Very penetrating, very subtle and as Nash does say - "that was certainly most unexpected" ha ha.

Realized that I never prattled about this movie in my blogs *EVER* so here it is. Good nite ... ooh Good Morning ;).


Saturday, March 25

shrimpuss uglous from hellus

That was the most catchy nomenclature I came across in the book :D. Ration being that this ocean dwelling species resembled a shrimp whist the discoverer found it to be ideously ugly and hell being its habitat (probably something more hideous than those hydrovents they show in the discovery channel).

I'd been grounded at home, so I went about reading a few novels day-in and out. Took me two days to complete this fello, which is pretty good given my poor reading habits. I just can't read for long, so even with frequent breaks I managed well. Seasoned readers shouldn't take more than a day.

Am a little tired of the author for his structure of the plot. And I feel the success of his books is given to his carrying the story with a good pace and very happening, like a hollywood blockbuster. His stories fits well into the movie framework. Always putting a female character in command of the chase. Not to mention that she's sexy or intelligent and kinda both. The lead male character not too good with the women obviously, protective and whose mind works when the damsel shuts down. And other very strong characters to suppliment the duo. Perfect setting for a sci-fi fantasy story.

I have to admit, even tho it ain't as good as Angels & Demons or DaVinci Code I hardly kept the book down of boredom. He sure's good at keeping the readers engrossed. Ans sure he's put in a lot of facts with his own twist to science much like Michael Crighton.

His ever-pervasive style of the villian starring upfront, I'd say he turned Angels & Demons upside-down for this opus. And his story which attacks cherished institutions makes the story even more gripping.

In fact I felt like watching an episode of X-Files at first until more and more of the political scene kicked. I was even wondering if some alien (as in wierd) creature is gonna come up in the most unassuming hour. Well no :( and still it lived up.

And as always his last chapter is about romance, as in tamil movies - The End, Ellaam Nalam (translated all's swell), And They Lived Happily There After ... And for whatever reason the guy is no good at it. Even this is very coherently adhered to in all this books.

I'd say even Chidambara Ragasiyam unfolds pretty much the same way as Marma Deesam: Vidadhu karuppu as much as Dan Browns stories. Probably the same reason I find em all holding onto me.

Definitely on my recommendation, when you want to kill time and yet feel good about how you did it ;). Actually it is a good book to read and not just to kill time. But doesn't live up to Angels & Demons, 'DaVinci Code' but comes close to 'Digital Fortress'. Happy Reading ...


Thursday, March 23

Somewhere, something went wrong :))

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go express yourself ;)

Tuesday, March 21

We The Living - Do You Live?

Many people find Ayn Rand writings too radical and more to digest, for few are lost in the veneer of the plot. Whilst others just dun buy while it leaves other question their strong held convictions. And some people are more aversed to profanity (in their humble opinion) used though her works, oblivious to the essence expressed. Guess thats fear of being spoilt. Individuals not sure of themselves and their values, is all I can say about them.

I simply find her writings quite insightful in so many aspects and not just philosophical. As much radical and contemporary are her thoughts which question our traditional school of thoughts and customs, being open to such ideas adds to refinement of ones ideals and a better understanding of our society and its vagaries.

This is a much difficult to read book of her's compared to The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged (my favourite of her writings) for its a tragedy. I somehow sensed it to be a prequel or pedesal for her above mentioned works. A more dark and glum background per se, hopeless if I might add.

I should admit that I buy her idea of "Rational Individualism" and "Highest Reverence" to life. The reason for which I shall deffer until one of my future posts.

The is by far her work which I find purely celebrates life and the primary essence of the human intellect, without attacking society. Her emphasis that being singled out does not mean you should give in is very intriguing. Guess thats what makes a few individuals stand out of the millions.

A definite read, for champions of her work & philosophy. Definite food for thought. Happy Reading ;).


Thursday, March 16


Human's are in certain ways more adaptable than other creatures, I presume more so only at a cognitive level. The cockroach in by far the most adaptable creature within perceivable limits. Guess virus will top this chain. But let me keep this thought with humans.

"Idle mind is a devil's workshop" ... an axiom as it stands today ... "Humans will bring about their own destruction" ... a theory as it stands today ... both are pretty well related

Just came to think about this when my cousin and I had a conversation and he wondered how adaptable we humans are (beware: he is a physisist). Actually empathizing someone's pain (not necessarily just physical). Quite true I realize :-?. Everytime you fail you learn whats blocking your road to success and you move on. Failure when I say, includes everything going wrong. You can get shaken, a los, feel torn, bereft but never beaten until you'v give up.

The psycological strength of a human mind is amazing. Consider pain for e.g. which until a point is difficult. Push the envelope of pain a little further and you get oblivious to the pain, of course surviving past the struggle. Many people use this pain to enter a trance state pushing pain beyond - Body Piercing. Guess this is what

Maybe its the biology / chemistry of the body, which make us impassive to pain. So can we call it - "Pain getting used to our inaction and ceasin / We getting used to pain and move on". I know its possible, coz it works ... I'v done it before :) without realizing it.

Eventually humans either part / lock their pain and move on their journey. With / Without remorse :). But an individuals journey does not stop (no period)

Monday, March 13

Perks for the unemployed

240 Crores to accomodate Rs.500 per individual, registered with the employment exchange and is unemployed (in delhi or some restricted locality) !!! WOW

reminded me of the crazy politician in the movie gentleman who promulgates Rs. 500 as pay for every student under a certain scheme ;))

of course, complaints already pouring in that the money ain't reaching ... n more hilarious was the guy who asks "how many days can I survive with this amount?" ... I was floored at that question 8-| ... seriously :p

I know there are people prowling to say - "hey you have a job so you speak" ... I agree ;)

I ain't gonna justify or give any advice, on this front ... thats for you to realize at ur will :) ... but just look at our tsunami victims who said a NO to material / monetary help for their sustenance ... but they asked for help to rebuild their means to sustenance ... for once I was mighty proud to be an Indian ... seeing this generation who refused to succumb to the external niceities of the politicians (no offence intended) and choose to stand by themselves

Reminds me of a quote - "Give a hungry man food and he'd ask for more tomorrow. Teach him to catch a fish or grow crops and u'll save a lot for thyself and the man in need." (Adopted from the Kuwait Fund Adv.)

It is never enough to help someone, but it probably would be to help them in helping themselves.

Read more of the story here ...

Wednesday, March 8

What did we do wrong :-?

Why is it, that there is no International Men's Day ????

It has been so very publicised (blogsphere & more otherwise), celebrated (including some men) and widely known that it is International Women's Day today.

No offense, but -
  • Is it for the attention?
  • Is it for self-assertion (that they are no less than men)?
  • Is it a reminder for the women as to what they are?

They talk of equality and all such, and yet they seem to distinguishing themself more distinctly from men 8-| by comemorating such a day for whatever reason/excuse it is #-o. It sounds more like they are self-demeaning themselves.

Or maybe there are plenty of women of Ellsworth Toohey's character in society today :-?.

How different is this from these so called 'Beauty Magazine's which in practicality promoting low self esteem rather than really help em?

On top of this there is the media which gives the hype that it is taboo for a women to not know about it? What if a women finds some other activity a much more productive indulgence?