Sunday, April 30

Hey Sexy Hello Sexy ... Yeh Dil Bhole

This is one of the most anticipated years in the Indian 2 Wheeler Auto Industry. About 48 bikes lined up through the year. Most of em built to be the most sexiest and pliable dream machines for the rigours of the indian streets.

But this machine is one I'd smooch :-* this baby over'n'over with not a place to spare :D as long as she ain't too hot to handle ;)). Meet with a buzz in the xBhp zone - Yamaha Gladiator.

This baby's got it all - 150cc, digital speedo, underseat dual exhausts =P~ (which means pillion rider with loose/desi clothing is in for trouble), engine cowl, projector headlight and best of all DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. For the 1st time I have truly mustered to call an india auto-industry manufactured bike as S.E.X.Y n saucy :x.

Take a dip into the link in the title. If you have some taste u'd drool over her ;). I'd looove to get my hands on one of these :), not that I can afford one. The last picture in the slide was the most impressive of em all. I am still keeping my fingers crosses till I see one of these one the road. But I have a gut feel that this baby is gonna steal the show from the latest Pulsar DTSi (the chrome coated 180cc street tuned dude's). The only eerie feelin I have is over its headlights :-s.

Yamaha riders have known to be one of the most nototious on road. Until Bajaj came with a bang with the Classic 150cc Pulsar priced even less than most peppy scooters, and bagged the entire market. Yamaha never did rise again to its days of glory. With the super bike craze flooding the indian youth, yamaha came with Fazer which did fairly well but still wasn'd upto it. IMHO Gladiator is the best bet for Yamaha, unless they have much better ones lined up their sleeves.

But there sure is some stiff competetion. Read this to know bout some crazy models lined up for the year. Read this for a motorist's version on this babe Gladiator - Glad to Meet you.

I heartily wish Yamaha to rise again, but they'd never beat the machismo of a Pulsar Classic (I kinda hate the doom in the DTSi ... spoiler for the the tenacious gait).

Meanwhile, my balrAm is still waiting to be plucked ;) ... I know its been too long but hold on buddy-boy ... as soon as my bone's are back, we'll go on a ride :). Until then for u folks ...

Rev's Up !!!

Thursday, April 27

Proliferation of indians

Indians are proliferating (rather fleeing) like a virus to every part of the world. So much so even infiltrating comic strips, though not entirely on a positive note ;). n guess what ... its on the IIT'ans ;) ... follow the link in the title and a few that follow ... and u'll find more ridiculing of indian characters ... asok, vijay to name a few.

I still wonder how much profound influence our junta must have had on dilbert?

Tuesday, April 25

GnK - A Scintillating Experience (13th April 2006)

They were simply brilliant :). A concert from which I returned completely satiated ;). This beat their previous concert that I attended during the seasonfor two main reasons - the percussionist and stage chemistry. The concert did start a little late and was over by close to 10pm. Trust me I was tired with a mild headache (thanks to having sat upfront, and that knocking thavil sound just starts hurting after a few hours).

Four hands seemlessly Deft with the Strings :) Posted by Picasa

The hearts on and off stage were set on fire. To add a little variety to it Ganesh does sing a few songs, and some in parts. This time he sang 'nee dhayachE rAma', tho it may not sound all too brilliant as seasoned vocal singers it would be a nice surprise to the rasikaas.

Ganesh Singing :-" Posted by Picasa

One of the best things that I like about these people is the creativity that they add to the whole concert. Musicians may not be very appreciative of their off-beat gimicks on the violin, but I enjoy the effects that thy bring about. And the definite advantage of doing it in a pair, being able to layer sounds leaves you in awe.

Kumaresh & Maestro A.K.Palanivel combo Posted by Picasa

But unmistakeably the best part of the evening was the percussionist. Maestro AKP pathi sollave veendam ;). He was just pushing the limits this evening. The part where I did see people slip was the Ganesh-Sathish & Kumaresh-AKP combo. The violins took the lead and occasionally the percussinist went amiss to follow up. So much so, there was even once when Ganesh took off before Kumaresh finished his part. But the beauty is of course how seemlessly they cover if up, with just smiles and glares exchanged.

Ganesh & Satishkumar taking the lead Posted by Picasa

And yes, I cannot close this without mentioning the percussionist's interplay. The volleys were like a long rally in a tennis match, each opponent trying to outwit the other. The math and timing they brought out were so innovative that the wah's and bale's comming from waaay back could be heard distinctly. And what else would follow such an enthralling performance? It was just short of a standing ovation to them, the junta just went on with their applause for over a minute. Thats a rarity in the middle of a concert.

Kumaresh appreciating & enjoing the volleys by the percussionists ;) Posted by Picasa

Apart from all the usual ingredients of calibre, what made this kutcheri a good one was the stage chemistry. No matter how good the artists on stage are, without the sense of appreciation (glances, smiles, "sabash's" etc) between the artists it looks so unalive :-|. GnK's concert during season was a bit such, tho the duo made it up. But this was brilliant =D>.

Briefly said, their rendition of banTu reeti was amazingly grooovy, 4 stars for it :) from the crowd. And the interplay in pairs for 'kaligiyunTEgadaa' was very enticing, for it kept the crowd rapt all through. And then their own composition called 'Modern English' was very interesting, a delight for the makkal. It sounded more along the grooviness of "English Notes", their rendition of which again is quite unique compared to others. And finally the one played just before the mangalam was resplendent. My favourite of them all I should say, and it left me so happy and content.

A briefing on the songs played (and sung)
  1. Varnam (R: kalyAni)
  2. rAma Nipai tanaku (R: kEdaaram)
  3. banTu reeti kOlu (R: hamsaanandam)
  4. nee dhayachE rAma (R: yadukula kaambhOji)
  5. (R: poorvi kalyAni)
  6. maamava paTTaabhiraama (R: maNirangu)
  7. En paLLi koNDeerayyaa (R: mOhanam)
  8. kaligiyunTEgadaa (R: keeravaaNi)
  9. ??
  10. manasa sanchararE (R: shyaamaa)
  11. chinnan chiru kiliye
  12. kurai Onrum illai
  13. Modern English (composed by GnK)
  14. ??
  15. ?? (I am crazy over this one but no one seems to be able to find it out ... help plz? ... can send a clip of the track)
  16. mangalam

this is SamY, reporting from Sri Rama Samaj, West Mambalam, Chennai (11th April 2006)

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Friday, April 21

Fools rush in

Experiences in life make us be judgemental with people we'v known or even hardly know. And all of a sudden, you attribute accolade and medals from what seemingly is at the facade. You hold them in real high esteem and even adore their character.

Then there comes a day when all of a sudden you find this person also has all those characteristics you consider the most despicable of a human (in your own terms). The person turns out to be the most inane you'v met, for the person is far from perfect. Worse yet he makes you act inane as well #-o.

And finally you begin to accept things as they are and move on with a smile. Making your own journey, rules and life. Thinking had things been your way, things would be far more perfect and better than otherwise. An average persons human mind never seems to reach equillibrium, unless you are enlightened ;).

Reminds me of the dialog from The Matrix:

The Oracle: "He doesn't understand them, he can't. To him, they are variables in an equation. Each one must be solved and counted. That's his purpose. To balance the equation."
Neo: "And yours?"
The Oracle: "To unbalance it."

This is not just limited to people, or is it?

Tuesday, April 18

Priya Sisters on an Impression Spree (April 11th 2006)

It kick started shortly past 7pm and closed shortly before 10:30pm, *P H E W*. I was tired if not them, and yes it was impressive tho it didn't beat the best :D. My first kutchery of them and it did not disappoint me a bit. Nothing facinating and yet it was just sweet.

Fresh in lovely blues with the kuzhuvinar Posted by Picasa

The one thing that lacked in the kutchery was stage chemistry. Its not like listening to some record, its live and sitting like zombies doesn't look good. For almost an hour and half there was tending to zero share of stare's / appreciation (but among the percussionist). Skanda subramanian is very lively and always has a smile to exchange, only if someone would receive it. After 8:30 tho the stage came alive. That undermined whatever performance the sisters gave.

Engrossed :-" Posted by Picasa

Their singing is very soft and it not a kind that throws enegry at the crowd. I'v had the opportunity to see Sudha & T.M.K. profusion and energy when they sing. The squeeze the last bit out for the crowd. In the end what gains repute is quality with maximized quantity. T.M.K's concert has been acclaimed as one of the best here, and sudha just beats em all for she is a natural crowd puller. I realized why :).

Vapid as they conjure up the tukkadas Posted by Picasa

The tukkada's disappointed me the most. Maybe coz I am a bit used to sudha's rendition, but the colour that she adds to em was grossly missing for it seemed so banal. If that was trying to impress the crowd, well then I wasn't impressed (not that I am of any stature to say so). The rest by far was wonderful.

One of the best part is since they are a duo, they sing like a relay race. And the two voices to bring in some overlays (ppl found of A.R.R. would love that) and singing at different octaves at times proved brilliant. With two people to take the share they outlasted most. The little one of the two played quite a bit of the lead, today atleast.

And the other celebrity of the night was this little kid who goes by the name sriram. I'd rather call him Mr.Curious with the camera :)). He just wan'd to click away the evening so I let him have a little tour with all his haphazard photography. Once that stopped he got restless and wan'd to draw on my diary ... and lo he drew lord hanuman \:D/. I was elated.

Naughty throughout :) Posted by Picasa

I have no clue as to what his grandma told him, but he went upto the stage and vanangeefied the sisters and just flit from the scene ;)). What a doll!!! The sisters were baffled and exchanged their shock and smirk while singing. And yeah, my camera is still in one piece :D.

Here is a summary of the songs -
  1. vanajAkshi ninnE kOri (R: reeti gowLa) tentatively
  2. thathvamariya tharama (R: reeti gowLa)
  3. teliyalEru raama (R: dhEnuka)
  4. ??
  5. Etaavuna nErcitivO (R: yedikula kaambOdhi)
  6. dhEvaadhi dhEvaa (R: sunaada vinOdhini)
  7. paal vaDiyum mugam (R naaTTai kurinji)
  8. paripurNa kaama baavamuna (R: poorvi kalyaaNi)
  9. ??
  10. aruL sEiya vendum aiyA (R: rasikapriyaa)
  11. nannu paalimpa (R: mOhanam)
  12. ??
  13. kurai Ondrum illai
  14. theeradha vilayattu pillai
  15. mudhakeratha modakaam (slokam)
  16. thandananaa abi
  17. ??
  18. chinnan chiru kiliye
  19. aasai mugham marandhu (R: jOnpuri)
  20. ??
  21. gOvindam gOkulanandam ... Om namo bhagavate vaasudeevye (slokam)
  22. ??
  23. ??
  24. kanda naal mudelai (any one knows in what raagam this song goes traditionally??)
  25. mangalam
The Troup:
Priya Sisters - Vocal
Sri M.A.Krishnaswami - Violin
Neyveli Sri S.Skanda subramanian - Mridangam
Sri S.V.Ramani - Ghatam

so next stop with GnK (Ganesh & Kumaresh) on turssday

this is SamY, reporting from Sri Rama Samaj, West Mambalam, Chennai (11th April 2006)

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Saturday, April 15

sarala in kovai brothers

NO. I didn't see the movie, not do I have any intend to even at the cost of my life. But I don't mind good humour no matter where it comes from.

Satyaraj has no more role moves to play in, so all his does is caricature of other movies. "English kaaran" tops the list and theres more in the hood. Poor sibi is being insulted day after day with no scope of shining.

But in this movie they take on Ghajini and its down right hilarious =)). In the "oru maalai" song all that asin does is walk up and down all the places shown with a haughty smile and flaunting walk. But you should watch kOvai sarala do it with flair :)) ... now she rocks. Simply brilliant!!! The whole living room broke in laughter, n satya raaj taking up as sanjay ;)). He's even managed to get that wig hair style and also that mad maan luk b-(.

I'm sure it would be put up in one of the regular comedy time shows, so don't miss it :).


Wednesday, April 12

Makkal roar for T.M.Krishna & Kuzhuvinar (8th April 2006)

My only penchance with my december season spree was I missed a few artists I hoped to attend. TMK was on top of that list and now I realize I did miss something. This was acclaimed by many as one of the top kutcheris given in the recent past of the rAma navami utsavam (sudha is still unbeaten, for the huuuuge mandapam looked like pallavan bus 12G, yes the fetid smell inclusive). The crowd was also very mixed. I was surprised to see a whole lot of school kids today, and of course the old patrons and pedestrians as I.

Enchanting the crowd Posted by Picasa

To the disappointment of we junta, it started half hour late (T.Nagar traffic jam was blamed for it) and the length brought down to two and half house :(, which is quite less for such emminent artists. All thanks to a bhajan to go all night until the cock koovifies in the morning, it was wrapped up by 9. Nevertheless it was a enjoyable all through.

from where I listened to Posted by Picasa

The man has astounding enegry *hats off to him*. He was bustling from the start to the finish with only some short respites in between, to brush off the sweat and such. Unforgiving voice, esp when he went almost as low as the lower rishabam/sadjamam :-o, topped it all. Plausibly there was only one place where his voice didn't quite listen to him :( I think, when he was peaking. Choice of songs were simply amazing, esp. his mangalam in praise of lord rAma was groovy :-", and the crowd just lovvved it for it was so befitting for the ocassion.

Majestic tunes to follow Posted by Picasa

As for the violinist :), I was simply admiring his majestic posture once in a while. Not a wee bit slouching :-o, for the entire session. The mridangist, ghatam combo today was scintillating. Crowd went gaga for it :)). I can't say if it was flawless, but it was much more coherent than the previous concert - the orchestration between the two. The whole crew made the even very vibrant.

If a casual listener as I could enjoy the concert this much, then imagine how it would be for the mavens out there. Best of all, its free :D. Simply brilliant. But am still wondering what all those Bose equipment (the white kits) were doing up front :-?.

Here is a summary of the songs -
  1. rAma nannu brOvarA
  2. teliyalEru rAma
  3. rAma ninnE tentatively (R: husEni)
  4. sri rAmam ravikula sOmam
  5. ?? (with verses as - shrE rAja gOpAla bAla)
  6. ?? (with verses as - sambase kousalya)
  7. raamajOgi mandhu (R: kamaas)
  8. pibarE raama rasam
  9. rAmachandra janaka (R: kurinji)
The Troup:
Sri T.M.Krishna - Vocal
Sri S.Varadarajan - Violin
Srimushnam Sri V.Raja Rao - Mridangam
Sri E.M.Subramaniam - Ghatam

so next stop with Priya Sisters on tuesday

this is SamY, reporting from Sri Rama Samaj, West Mambalam, Chennai (8th April 2006)

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Sunday, April 9

centennial post

This is my 100th post here and unscheduled. I started blogging as a personal journal and in a few months decided to split into this. To let loose the creative part of me (whatever is left) roll. Needless to say blogging is a big time waster. Nevertheless the exchange of ideas and people I'v got to know have been a great experience. For a person who does not have a habbit (and patience) of reading new paper, blogsphere reaped a lot ;). Here is a kudos to all my blog friends ever since its inception.

And I hope to keep up with my no-nonsensical rambling (at least I try to) stand going forward.

Bombay Sisters opening the musicals (April 7th 2006)

Today saw the opening of the Music Festivities as part of the 53rd Sri Raama Navami Utsavam by the Bombay Sisters.

One with the nAdamPosted by Picasa

Unlike my usual synopsis, I wouldn't be able to put time into researching and finding what the unknown songs were. Nevertheless I shall try. As always let me reiterate that I am a dilletante and the briefing here may not be accurate. The mavens out there are welcome to correct anything gross you notice here.

In short, it was neat and enjoyable :). Esp when they sang bhajan like songs, their voice reminded me of the raspy yet agile and commanding voice of MS. Their rendition of brOcEvaarevaruraa was my favourite, so much so I was able to follow it all along ;)) for a song I learnt much by listening (due thnx to kadri and sudha for that).

:)) what a good pick of sareesPosted by Picasa

The best part about concert is the interplay of percussions. Never on records do I enjoy them this much. Not that I understand the math but with my little sense and prying conscience for patterns I enjoy it in my own way. But today the change in nadai was so much fun, coz I found it difficult to follow. Had to concentrate, which is not on my virtue list :D.

neat and sweet Posted by Picasa

I can't close this without mention of the violinist. She played without a twitch ;), and just sweet, neat and fine. Having sat upclose I got to observe her do it. Fingers made of some liquid and on the fingerboard like a woodpecker :-o. I can only dream of such things 8->.
  1. jaya jaya jaya jAnaki kAntha (R: nAta)
  2. brOcEvaarevaruraa (R: kamaas)
  3. enna punniyam seidhenO (R: reeti gOwla)
  4. GnanamosagarAda(R: poorvi kalyaaNi)
  5. bhOgeendra shaayinam
  6. ?? (verses resembling - namO ranga nayaki) - excellent percussion interplay
  7. raNgapura vihaara (R: brindaavana saaranga)
  8. bhajan on gOvinda
  9. Thillana
  10. mangalam + slokam on lord rAma
Next stop ... with T.M.Krishna

this is SamY, reporting from Sri Rama Samaj, West Mambalam, Chennai (7th April 2006)

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Friday, April 7

Why the boredom?

Subject: Cashew Appeal - Cabdury's Temptations

1st piece - ecstatic
2nd piece - delicious
3rd piece - tasty
4th piece - its nice
5th piece - okie, I'm fine with it
6th piece - it ain't all that good you know /:)

is it this way with everything in life?

Wednesday, April 5

Music Academy of Mambalam Reopens - Free for all

Here is a recap of the last years Sri Rama Navami Mahotsavam and my perception of it -
  1. Reverberations of Sri Raama Navami
  2. The voice of - "Sowkiyama ... kanne" (Sangamam)
  3. Fervour followed by anticlimax
  4. 4 hours in twilight zone - courtesy of the *ACE*
  5. Classical *Raakshasi*
This is the time of the year when mambalam vibrates and the heart of mambalam has been the festivities at the Sri Ram Samaj. I am not a very pious person, but nevertheless the electric atmosphere just lures me in. This year the programs are not *as* good as last year, my foremost reason for saying so is that Sudha is not on the charts :(. She is best when she performs out of love for the crowd, n guess therez an adrenaline rush she gets when she performs here. I'v been to quite a few concerts since, but nothing to beat her performance @ this festival, esp for rasikaas as me. Nevertheless this 53rd Sri Rama Navami Mahotsavam wouldn't leave anybody disappointed.

Without much ado lemme get to the crux ... the schedule for the benefit of other rasikaas. All these concerts are FREE ... and only tharai tickets :p ... unless ur a patron of the samaj ... but it will be a much more heartwarming experience than it is at the sabhas.
  • 07th Fri 4:30pm - Mudikondan
  • 07th Fri 7:00pm - Bombay Sisters
  • 08th Sat 6:00pm - Sri T.M.Krishna
  • 10th Mon 5:00pm - Trivandrum Smt. S.Jayashree
  • 10th Mon 7:00pm - Smt Gayathri Venkataraghavan
  • 11th Tue 7:00pm - Priya Sisters
  • 12th Wed 5:00pm - Kum. Srividhya Kalyanaraman
  • 12th Wed 7:00pm - Sri P.Unnikrishnan
  • 13th Thu 5:00pm - Sri U.P.Raju & Smt. Nagamani - Mandolin
  • 13th Thu 7:00pm - Sri Ganesh & Sri Kumaresh - Violin Duo
  • 14th Fri 5:00pm - Dr. Radha Baskar
  • 14th Fri 7:00pm - Sri T.V.Sankaranarayanan
  • 15th Sat 5:00pm - Kum B.Suchitra
  • 15th Sat 7:00pm - Madurai Sri T.N.Seshagopalan
  • 16th Sun 5:00pm - Madurai Sri T.N.S.Krishna
  • 16th Sun 7:00pm - Sri U.Srinivas & Sri U.Rajesh - Mandolin
  • 17th Mon 5:00pm - Smt. Srividhya Venkatachalam
  • 17th Mon 7:00pm - Mambalam Sisters
That's a long list isn't it. One the bright side, I don't remember many of these having performed last year so don't miss to grab what you want ;).

Sri Ram Samaj
Ayodhya Aswamedha Maha Mandapam
West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033
Ph: 24893077

The speciality of this music festival is that the artists do not make it here for the money (for its much below what they could pull otherwise) but for the immediate reach that they have for the audience. This is not a commercial stunt like the recent "Chennai'yil Thiruvaiyaaru". And the audience are connoisseur's of music and mostly old people who have utmost reverence for the best. Don't do well and the people would just walk away stooping. Do well and it would be packed like the footboard of 12G :)). And for many budding artists this is a pre-cursor and weighing spot before they ascend stage during the season. Click on the post title for a more professional coverage of the extent of the fest.

As Proximo would say in gladiator: "The silence before you strike. And the noise after storm! As if you were the thunder god himself.". You can experience it here ;). So pack your bags and get ready to listen before the summer heat s(t)inks in. As for those who insistent on comfortable chairs and an A/C auditorium *sigh* - you are missing something.

If anybody is pouring in to listen and enjoy (and not talk all along :D), do drop a msg before hand
and maybe I could tag along (ore kalula rendu maangai - blogger meet + concert).

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Monday, April 3

laws of #

subject: # of forwards and/or # of phone calls and/or # of blog posts ...

  1. # - is directly proportional to vetti'ness.
  2. # - is inversely proportional to work done.
  3. effectiveness of # follows a normal distribution curve.

on the flip side
  1. # improves your filtering and skimming capacity
  2. # helps improves the functioning of the left hemisphere
  3. # helps give a false sense of attention :p
  4. # helps improve the current extent of # (one factor improving others)

any more thoughts on this?