Tuesday, March 17

The Illogical us

You might have wondered and awe at how logical a creature the human beings are. What if you realize it aint so.

The next time you make a decision or come to a conclusion, think about it. In mostly likelihood you would have made the judgement right at the start and then just assimilated those facts that apparently lead to a logical conclusion to your judgement. You don't see the rest which disprove it.

Interestingly we apply our mind only after we have a thought. Once you have a thought it either creates a chain reaction in you or outside of you both potentially leading to something undesireable.

So they urge humans to train themselves to apply / put your mind before your thought. If only we could understand this well we could plausibly be better at not being led by our thoughts.


Thursday, March 12

Magical moments in life

Everytime I watch a little child explore its environment it leave me in awe and all smiles :). A magical moment! It keeps reminding me how conditioned mind has become to the dogma of society, how unexplorative we are now and how we have lost that child in us. This is probably the reason I enjoy my time being with those kids than people of my age. I want to be that child in me while the society want me to grow up! And I just don't seem any good at living up to it :p.
There are so many such magical moments in life. Many of them don't last, some are an illusion, some purely biological driving us beyond sanity. And the some are plain false. Even though you felt it for real, it just wasn't true. Then we slowly begin to and condition our minds to accept them. We call this learning. Subjugating ourselves to just accept it in the name of understanding. Why? Coz we need a purpose to live.
I seriously now feel that the very purpose of our lives have become to find a purpose for our very existence, trying to justify an existence with a meaning and purpose we concoct. Does that sound familiar to you? ;)
And it is interesting that for many the purpose of their lives is to help others in their life indirectly fueling their quest for a purpose to theirs. Life is weird!


Monday, March 9

The complaisance in us

Some of us over time have become a bit environment conscious. But then you meet people from other cultures who are least bothered. And more so insolent about it.

I know people who keep the window blinds closed and turn on the light ALL through the day! The excuse they give? So what is it consumes more electricity!

People who refuse to use reuseable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Reply - everyone is using plastic so why should I not!

People who leave the tap open while most of the water drains only using it once in a while. Reply - I can't open and close the tap everytime!

Can't change these people. They just wouldn't coz of their ego even if something is said rationally. I somehow just loose respect for such a person when I see they don't have a respect for their environment. It shows me how social irresponsible they are.

It costs nothing to help the environment but a little effort here and there. No one is asking you to BE GREEN! And I don't see it coming into our society unless these are inculcated in the young as part of their education. Can't changes the stubborn headed people. But young minds can definitely imbibe the social responsibility.

The whole point is it is pointless trying to make your point!