Saturday, October 29

In the wake of diwali

Its been a tragic evening. The news if frought with unwholesome events, in the early dawn of one of the most celebrated festivals of the country.

The bomb blasts in delhi and the train which sunk into a flooding waters in andhra were the highlight of the news :(. People are all the most agitated, not by the incident themselves by the response from the indian bureau.

Trite condolence messages, and pep talks "we are strong" and all make people more irate than otherwise. People realize that now matter how strong or big a nation such things just happen. It is a question of what is done immediately after the incident, actions not words!!!

To my know how indian intelligence, millitary and police are quite efficient and notorious in their ways. Most of us being shielded from the truth. But after all they are human, and lax is inevitable.

No matter how string a lock you make eventually someone will learn to break it. For the 1st time I saw in detail charred dead bodies, fuming bodies from the fires. The video's were not sensor'd. It was quite graphic :-s.

The other incident - train plunged into a river in andhra. Many people keep giving excuse, that is how it works in the corporate world when I point at lack of quality. These incidents are a direct result of such indifference elsewhere. I ain't saying we can do a lot against the wrath of nature. Nevertheless every bit of quality we endow to the society pays, but we do otherwise and still expect the society to pay us heavy *sigh*.

I do no believe is condolence and such. I'f be glad if I can truly act in ways that can help them. I know scores of people would say it is a sad time and I am going to refrain from celebrations and such. I just have one thing to say to them, from a dialog that sivaji says -

in the movie Devar Maghan ... after the dam is sabotaged and people killed ... sakthi (kamal's character) refrains from eating ... n devar (sivaji) elucidates that your abstinence is not going to solve peoples problems ... you actions will ... so keep yourself in groves to be able to help others

people @ loss need hope more than mere condolence ... my celebration will be surrounded by the gloom, n tears I do reserve for em, and my prayers for them tomorrow to my anju ... media has already begun spreading the gloom ... some times I feel too much information alters peoples perspective

it is the light that humans seek in times of darkness ... right now that is what those affected need


Tuesday, October 25

this is my 50th post here so ... hurraayyyyyyyyyy!!! another milestone impending as well :) ... thnx to the wonderful support of fellow bloggers ... the crowd I get here is a niche one ... so three cheers tyu all ... HAIL BLOGSPHERE!!!

trip to yercaud over the weekend was ethereal ... with a mini trek for a sidekick amidst appreciation of the picturesque, bantering and partying frought with gags ... catching up with people ... diwali fervor in place ... life is at gud as it can get ... this spring tho mixed is turning out very good :)

I was hoping to make a very very special post, which was part of the reason for my silence for a little while. I was even preparing for a gud one s'terday night ... having missed a day at office I came back to have a surprise ... no I was not fired ... not yet :p ... neither is my ass on fire ;) ... I decided to post right away ... its the feeling of indignation thats having me make this post

the mail which read ...

"<> goes under water" Fire engines rushed in to pump out water ...
employees asked not to come ... work stops ... second time in a month ...
A big worry for clients ...

<> at work in full swing
<>'s robust infrastrusture shines through this moment
of natural adversity.

Our epic's being well said morality tales reminds me of an ethic followed by kshatriyas - never fight an opponent with weapons when he has none to defend himself.

It was a shame to see such an attitude in display. As despicable a braging as it can get. Don't we have a moral obligation to lend shoulders and cushion when a fellow company (even if a competitor) is in such distress?

Ironically this mail followed a previous one which tells the story of an athletic event where one of the contestants slipped over a hurdle and the rest came back to help em and they all walked to the finish line.

Yes, I staunchly believe in objectivism. But that does not mean you should demean by using others foibles to elevate thyself.

Building your success specifically over others failure, now is that ethical? I believe a healthy competetion is a better way to go, and which works in the long term. Even for that matter monopoly and such business practices are based on ones greater strength more than another weakness.

A race where you get your competetors knocked out to win the race is politics!!! It will kick-back at you some day.

A true race is where you dash to the finish line with your competitors, n savour the fruits of the result as they are. A race whence lost would be sweet, and when WON would be even sweeter :) an experience.

Thursday, October 20

madras ill mazhai

no not the rain but the movie ... havn't seen it but there seems to be one pudhir bout the movie which the audience answer'd themselves as the movie fails to :p

Q: Why does the villian get angry so often?

Audience: adei ... indha maadhiri oru ponnu every other scene mazhai la nanenjundu dance aadum, katti pudikkum, adhuvum fitting dress veera, audience'a irukare yennake kovam kovam'a varudhu ... villian ku kovam vandha yendha thappum illai :p

Thursday, October 13

internal affairs

it was love @ 1st sight for them :x ... made for each other he believed ... her placid nature captivated him the most ... he cuddled with her all the time ever since their marriage ... her sweet voice is all he needs to wake up in the morning (against the hopeless shouts of his parents) ... he was very possesive over ... never letting *anybody* close in ... who wudn't want an unscathed virgin as her these days ... but he cud'nt connect on their 1st night despite his proactive initiation :( ... so every day was a patient wait

2nd day it was ... rain in the night ... he carried her into the bedroom ... with hopes held high ... enamoured he just oogles @ her big pretty eyes ... waiting for her to make the 1st move ... she seemed much too patient for him ... he gives up n lays his hands on her ... shivering ... a touch along the silhoutte and then a gentle grasp around her ... n shez still all too calm for him ... the clock struck n he knew it was time

he closes in, only inches apart from her eyes ... the only light he preceives in the room ... his warm breath on her skin left her eyes misty ... his nerves fire as she screams out in ecstasy ... his heart is so frought and he trembles in the joy ... he stimulates her @ the spots as prescribed in the buks :) ... the right combination and shez all turned ON .. he knew he did it ... n more importantly right ... being his 1st time he was bring gentle, careful and not to do anything wrong ... not wanting to be so hard right away ... n then they just stay in physical contact for a long long time ... oblivious to his sweat

it was his new mobile phone, and his much awaited call from his gf, he wan'd her to be the 1st to call, and it was a really long call, she had to explain now having not called him for 2 days ... poor chap had gone half insane by then

highlight the above text for the climax ;)

Wednesday, October 12

true lies?

There has been a recent upheavel in blogsphere about false claims and its repurcussions and such. This time it went overboard. Violating the very sanctity that our constitution provides us. (For those who don't understand a pint of this, its about the IIPM issue which sprung up off-late)

I am imbued to false claims by people, for I have experienced it all my life. It was a time when I didn't have the capacity to make my decision. A ton of false claims, deceit and sham. I don't want to get into the details because I hold no one else responsible for such but me. But such single case's of sham is not the problem by itself.

For those who'd missed I wrote a previous post on this movie called The Boondock Saints ... the best part of it was the say by the priest - "We must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we much fear most, and that is the indifference of good men". Suppliment this with the attitude - "As long as my house is clean, I don't care" ... and there we are :).

I lived my life entirely in india, more specifically in madras. Right from education @ regular schools and training institutes, scores of colleges mostly unknown (and practicing extortions), and even for that matter @ employment, lies and false propaganda to those being imduced into the system has become tradition. A new commer is always welcome with the whispers - "adutha bali aaadu" (in the same tone as the dodo's say - "there goes our last female :(" in the movie Ice Age)

This deep rooted weed cannot be whiped clean so easy. False claims being justified to lack of ethics in the industry/society - "thats how the world works". The sad part is how much we accept this system, as it goes in parallel to this - "more than people who take bribes, it is the people who give it who are the problem". Whence I'v stopped blaming the system, for it is I who am harboring it. For it is my very sanction that is being used againt me.

Truth be told, I never voiced against such men. Fear? Maybe. More important than that I felt was that my time was too precious to be spent over such imbeciles. Not worth all the trouble. Does this seem like contradicting the above quote? Yes, It is. I do not believe in thwarting that which should not be but rather harboring that which should be. My voice will make a difference, but why spend in deprecating the already decrepit ways.

"Seethu mela kallai veeseena, namba meela thaan thirumbavum adikkum"

I ain't recommending not to voice such, for its a way of things. There are millions of people whose very livelyhood and success is based on unethical practices, for thats is the system. Trying to bring it down or for that matter even help sustaining it is futile. I'd like to quote a dialog from "The Matrix" (the most philosophical of movies I'v seen yet) @ this juncture - morpheus to neo (@ the agent training program) "The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around and what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them of so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. Are you listening to me neo? Or were you looking @ the women in the red dress" :x ... any bells ringing now in your head?

Ever since I read Ayn Rand's - Atlas Shrugged, I realized that I am probably in a vain pursuit of Atlantis. Believe me it exists. I'v been there and I'v come back for some excuses. But the philosophy spoken there and that which is said in "The Matrix" ain't all that different. Just different paths.

A mentor of mine who shared similar ideology said once - "the reality is not all that bad ". Maybe, but it ain't good enough. Soo many unethical practices have become accepted in society. Why? Because it pays a living, and the bureaucracy is built on such values, in the name of morales, even though it defies basic human tenet.

Neo Speaks:

I know you're out there.
I can feel you now.
I know that you're afraid.
You're afraid of us.
You're afraid of change.

I don't know the future.
I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end.
I came here to tell you how it is going to begin.

I'm going to hang up this phone.
And then I'll show these people what you don't what them to see.
I'm going to show them a world, without rules and control, without borders or boundaries.
A world where anything is possible.

Where we go from there ... is a choice I leave to you.

ringing bells? think folks, think ... adios amigos :)

Disclaimer: All movies and books refered to above are copyrighted by the owners, the script quoted is purely my adaptation from the movie as I remember it, is purely my opinion and/or interpretation, and is by no means affiliated or endorsed by their authors :)

Monday, October 10

a movie forgotten?

anjali anjali anjali ... chinna kammani kammani kammani
anjali anjali anjali ... minum mimmmi mimmmi mimmmi ...

Anjali - the movie that came out in 1990 when I was pretty much the same size as those vandus in the movie ... movie that gave the baby gals accolate beyond par ... the project was an amazin success ... it impressed a whole lot of the mass ... music score by illaiyaraaja ... the songs took by storm ... the lyrics were just so nice ... simple yet impressive

I still remember the dance steps by the kids which became so famous ... yeah where the stand with their legs wide apart ... arms crossed and palms clasped to the knees ... they bring the knees together and magically the hands seem to cross over to the other ... it was pretty much adpoted in most school culturals @ the period ... even I tried my hand @ it once ;p ... no more comments :D

it is still a fun movie to watch ... the perky kids just frolicking every day of their lives ... the fun is just amazing to watch ... the crushes ... n the blushes when some kids kiss ... ha ha ... n the rest waiting for every opportunity to pull ppl legs ... weekend galata's ... well a bit unrealistic Mani Rathnam was there ... but movies are about expressing our imaginations too ... you always like people to say that you are a social butterfly, success comes to you very easily ... it just like that ... a dream that the movie gives ... makes you feel ... life would be so nice that way 8->

and another reason for my penchant ... my appa's colleague's (a family friend) son acted in that movie the 1st time ... Anand ;) (and uncle n aunty also gt make guest appearence) ... oh yeah the same kid who acted in "May Maadham" as well ... if u remember Mangatha n stuff ... I just saw him on T.V. n was like O.M.G. how thin n stick like was he n now he grown ... no definitely not grown like Jayam Ravi who happened to study in my batch in JV ... but u know kids change so much ... I used to borrow my neighbours personal copy of the movie n watch it afte school ... not as much as M.M.K.R but next to it :)

some scenes in the movie r just so very nice ... I luv the scene wher Tarun introduces anjali to the kids ... n anand peeps his face into the kids ... n then ... gimme five ... yaaaayyyyyy ... thats a nice scene ...

oh yeah of course the touchy scenes b/w the siblings n anjali when they refuse to glue initial and then just fall so much in love ... esp when anand get hurt n anjali starts crying ... hmm so natural ... only when someone expresses such feelin / concern dyu realize how much they luv u ... ha ha okey no senti ... but I think the movie brought out some very very basic emotion in all of us ... Mani Rathnam's magic

another beautiful scene is after the society meeting ... when ppl request for the retarded kid to be kept away ... Shekar's (Raghuvaran) daughter Shruthi asks very cooly ... "yen pa avu yengaluku thangacheeya porandha, pakkathu aathula porandhurukelam ... illai aathula porandhurukelam ... yen avu inga vandhu porandha" ... ha ha ... the gals tone impresses me every time I listen to it ... know what they say - ignorance is bliss :) ...

the climax scene - "Yezundhuru Anjali Yezundhuru" ... is probably the most talked about in the movie ... n of course copied in so many instance ... dun't remember every mocking this movie in ... sunrise top 10 :))

songs again were gr8 ... I'll go from my favourites ... (listen to em here)
  1. Something Something - super hit ... my favourite in the movie ... kids dancing with all swanky moves was just so awe ... a dance track I'd say ... just lovely
  2. Motta Madi - ha ha ... this is a thirutu romance themed song ... ha ha ... the picturization was nice ... song lived up ... nuthin flashy as todays track ... simple n nice
  3. Anjali Anjali - oh yeah starts with the baby singing then blends into the chorous ... starts in a sad mood n then turns gay ... brings out some change in emotion @ heart :)
  4. Iravu Nillavu - in Janaki's ever sweet voice ... a new year bash song ... just gr8 ... again the kids n picturisation adds magic to it :)
  5. Vaanam Nammuku - I somehow like the choice of words in the song ... its the meaning that attracts me to this song ... like you are expanding you mind ... gud one
  6. Vegam Vegam - an chimerical setting to the song ... reminds me of an adoptation from the movie E.T. as the kids drive their cycles into the skies ... neat but not as impressive
  7. Rathiri Nerathil - starts from a bed time story by das to his kids ... I think it blended with the movies but did't stand out as a track as such
if I remember correctly this movie starred chorus but Illu's kids ... n few other I believe ... I don't remember those details vividly ... maybe readers can add to it ...

just happened to watch some scenes of the movie b/w the commercials thru serials ... so didn't watch it fully ... but yes if I sit down I think I'll njoi it ... a lot compared to many tawdry n trite masala movies of the day ... no big message or anythin

a perfect mixture the movie was ... frolicking ... romance ... emotion ... anguish ... gud times ... tragedy, a movies where you laugh, you cry n u feel it all ... that give a feelin of a satisfactory movie ... may not be a blockbusted ... but it has made history :) ... most importantly in a positive way ;)


my 1st blogger meet ...

10 Oct 2005 A.D. - 6pm IST @ Barrista T.Nagar, Madras ... 5 souls cursing me all their way to the rendezvou point ... but I never bit my tounge :-? ... for some reason our moderator (vee-jay) choose to travel all the way from bessie (to my convenience, thnx for that) ... maybe to buy more time ... n not wait for anyone

it was a super fun experience ... so lemme 1st go about tellin the best part about it ... we only know each other by virtue of our posts but for some exceptions ... so as u get used to their posts, u have an image of each person in your mind ... in parallel to what morpheus says in "The Matrix" - "Your mental projects of fellow bloggers self" :D ... so I had my own image of ppl ... during our orchestration during the day I realized I'm gonna be a bit of a surprise ... but didn't realize ppl wud go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off mark ... the Mask of Yoda is gone now :(

I was expecting our moderator to be in our traditional robes (saree) and that at the meet I'd proly havta address as 'aunty' =)) ... so I took all the liberty b4 the meet itself :-> ... well I had a surprise there ... 1st hats off to our organizer for the nice evening

n then vatsu ... I saw him lounging as I parked ... dressed in kurta and adorned with a well maintained beard ... I wondered if I should accost, for some reason it was obvious he ain't waiting for his gf there :D (sorry thalaiva, na harichandran illai but appo appo unmai peesuven) ... but decided to avoid an awkward surprise ... I then thought he was some news paper reporter ... 1st flash in mind was if it was cartoonist madhan :)) ... well a jolna pai hanging from his shoulder would have made it complete :D ... well what dyu know my imagination run's wild ... I somehow forgot to mention this amidst all the gags n prattling

n then jagan ... ha ha dun get deceived by his profile luks ... waiting for his spl. photo which will reveal a hidden celebrity in him :) ... an ex-'ite so >:D< ... the last thing I wan'd but then he was not tainted by the ... he he ... it was fun catching some office fundae with our manager overlooking it all

n then ram ... heey raam? ... NO totally the other kind ... a business man in the lot ... he crashed into the party quite late ... poojai kulla karadee poondha kadhai? ... gave the feel of mr.diplomatic with his rendition of speach

n then jayanthi ... the last to pitch in ... very silent of em all ... wonder if thats her true self or just a facade ... or her manager's railing which haunted her all the while :-?

all in all fun time ... the coffee (yeah yeah all those varieties ... just boils down to caffine) ... n whiped cream, n the rich chocolate cake (maaaaaaaaaaan I love those ... so intoxicating), n vanilla ice cream which hot chocolate ... well on par with those sizzlers @ New Yorker *slurp* ... other items I kinda forgot their swanky names :p

well a gr8 evening after having flit from office @ 5:30 without my boss noticing me >:) ... soooo ... I gt make up by opening my shop early 2morrow :( ... coz I didn't do a darn thing 2day but stepping on my own work @ wrk :D and musing 8->

luk'n forward for such meets often ... maybe eating kadalai @ the beach :)) and corn of course ... so more blogs to read in place of my siesta

Sunday, October 9

Gurukulam - Vijayadhasami Spl

C.A.Rajasekhar on his custom made silent Violin during our vijayadhasami preps

A feature comming up :). so keep watchin ...


Saturday, October 8

yeahhh baby ... just a lil more n there v r

this is what the gods of the wheels (steering I mean) say when they get their hands on the best of cars :) ... well dinner time n I got a bit mumbling n grudging for my own faults ... but this program is just amazing and turned me ON ... Top Gear ... I just luv this guy :x Jeremy Clarkson ... absolutely fabulous, his extols n tear aparts are ... maaaaaan, it gives me the widest smiles n hearty laughs ... ha ha

today it was about the BMW M5 ... in a nutshell ... one of The Most Ugliest & Annoying Cars until the push of a button when it turns into an true M5 :) ... ha ha

Okay, the car is so cluttered up with features that it just gets annoying. When I used to see The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, I remember seeing an episode where Jessy's voice gives instructions in the car, and she just sounds soooooo sweet :). Well, until when you get to the climax where the the car breaks and the voice starts saying probably everything it is programmed for.

With the M5 you dont have to do that, for the car is so counter-intutive that you'll spend a lifetime to learn it (clarkson says so). And it feels bad, the engine doesn't feel like what it is supposed to, blah blah blah. You keep driving and loooo, a female voice giving you directions - "Half a mile to the next exit". So you feel WOW, okay so let me relax now and you turn on the radio. Murpheys Law kicks in and just when you don't want to be interrupted the voice comes again - "take a U turn just ahead" - "What the hell, I know it so just shut up". But no she wudn't until you turn the engine off :D.

But just a flick of a button, the engine rolls, the seats embrace tight to your contour and voice is gone :) and the vehicle just feels like what it should ;). Thats when he says the verse in the title ... he he.

I don't know to drive a car, but I njoi as much as I can sensibly on my old pulsar 150 (n I call him balrAm n totally enamoured with him). But belive me, I'v said similar things when the engine roars :). Until a couple of weeks, I used to travel 10 Kms one way to office. Hit the road on the right time, and maaaaaan!!! early morning or mid-night drives, when there ain't much on the roads, is bliss.

Hope to some day earn so much money and time to get to those amazing tracks in UK (no other place has beautiful tracks just besides the lush green). And learn to have all that fun, simply driving to oblivion (wudn't mind someone for company who'd njoi it as much :p ... but thats too much to ask for).

Ha ha .. I couldn't resist from writing this ... one lucky guy clarkson is ... I ENVY HIM ;))

Friday, October 7

sundaaaaaaaaal chronicles

He: seri inniki what all sundal in stock?
She: yedhuvum illai :(
He: yen? inniki yengeyum rounds poogaleeya? illai nee yeduthundu varalai'ya?
She: yengayum poogalai :-|
He: X-( ... unnaku adhe vitta vera yenna veellai ... urupadeeya poi vaangindu varadhu thaane neeku
She: aathulaye iruke adhe sapudu
He: vayya kindare
She: yen indha soondal unnaku pudikkadha?
He: veetula pannaradhu nalla irundhudhu na naa yen collection sundal ku ippadee alayuven :p
She: seri seri ... ippo adhellam na kettena? its okey :"> ... yennale mudinjadhu

Thursday, October 6

fun with learning

it was training day ... Writing Gud Use Cases ... went in with an open mind ... its all in the way you project it ... one of the best trainings I'v had ... well it was external ... thats y :D

usually in view of cost cutting trainings are internal ... the guy who takes a training knows half of a tool (only to the extent he uses) ... his training is sloppy for he ain't seasoned ... as he teaches, only half the stuff is inculcated ... the guys barely finding it interesting grasp only a part of it ... in the end ... not worthy an effort

I believe in investment in knowledge ... it pays back ... therz a huuuuuuuuuuge difference b/w what an MVP in MS Tools, or a rational expert can deliver compared to an user in a company who uses the tool a few hours a week ... this leaves less room for upcommin ppl to come up with improvements ... n I'v seen people who try give up in a year n just do what it asked of em ... no prize for innovation ... just be a dog ... don't think ... thats not your job :p

nevertheless a couple of interesting quotes during the session which I n'joid ...

Analysis Paralysis ... well this is basically where a culprit @ a meeting throws up an argument n see the other digress to elsewhere nowhere associated to the agenda :) ... n of course to see some ppl who just love talking @ meetings without any objective what-so-ever... ha ha

since its about meeting he also quoted as to one version of What is a Meeting? - A discussion where minutes are made and hours are lost .... =)) ... ha ha so true ... just witnessed it last nite ... for 10 mins I sat there for an hour and half

on top of that the crowd made me crack once in a while ...

it was a discussion on pre-conditions for an ATM Usage System ... interesting responses from some janthoos
  1. The customer should be having an ATM card (now wud anyone come n use a ration card there instead?)
  2. The card should not get stuck as he inserts it (now dont tell that the system shud work fine if a baby just keeps patting the screen with both hands)
  3. The ATM should be powered on and working (omg how thoughtful of you)
there were more such ... many technical bloopers ... so dun wanna get into those ... it was quite some fun ;)

of course ... after almost two hours post-lunch about ways of documetation (which was the only damn boring part of the whole program) ... the conclusion was - "there is no right way to do it" ... ha ha ... so it took us two hours to realize that? to my *smirk* he went about explain what he meant by that ... :))

think I'll personally write to him ... its worth it ... learnt some presentation skills as well :) ... gud experience ... 2 bad I didn't have a gud company to go to "Freeze Zone" right opposite :( ... not that I'm in a top condition to

Tuesday, October 4

Positive Dissatisfaction :-?

hmm ... this is another term used by the corporate management ... I spend time often evaluating how the management works and their tactics ... so this is another jargon they use ... but this is not a manipulative one but a metric ... rather a sought after characteristic I presume

okey ... enuough of beating around the bush ... now what is it?

how often do you see people quit their job because they do not like it? ... when given a task they fail to say they are not willing to do it ... so they mumble and do it ... n then dissatisfied with what they get to do they seek for another employer ... unless he's quite lucky, he lands up in a similar situation very soon

so why the rat race? what is wrong with it?

Quitting a job because you do not like it is the problem. By doing so you are running away from the problem, and the next choice is only made out of desperation and not rational. So why would some one quit a job he / she likes?

Funny, but what I mean being happy with a job is to do it with full heart to the satisfaction of you boss. The commandments of work does say - "don't be indispensable for the company". That attitude does not help in breaking established rules or the organization which can be easily broken.

Afterall a job is supposed to give you a personal life as well. When you are working in such a position, any decision made is most likely to ensure the continuum of the trend. For you realize your values well and are able to weight it all cogently.

Its repurcussions? If you'v made such a decision, then in most likely hood your current company does not have to offer that which you need. As in, money alone would just not be your motive, soit leaves you at a vantage point. And since you are happy, if it were something that the company could have offered, you would have just asked for it :) (thats what I did and it works magic).

So what makes the magic happen? Thats is what is called as "Positive Dissatisfaction". If you are dissatisfied with yourself or your surroundings for a positive cause, that is the road to guranteed growth. It reflects the spark deep in one's self.

Now you know what the statement "I quit because I hated my job" implies. Very unlikely he'd grow anywhere, or be satisfied.

Fortunately the last time I quit, it was because I loved that job so much that it hindered some personal things that I loved. Ha ha, do I sound cranky? So say many. But it works well. Believe me the positive mood brings the best in you and the organization.

So grow up now and stop complaining (I know I need to do it as well) ... change the world within your power and move on ... rather than running away from trouble until the same trouble springs elsewhere as well ... this sounds more like the "Human <-> Virus" analogy that smith gives to morpheus in The Matrix :)

A basic human tenet is - "Yeh Dhil Maange More" ... so are you gonna be a half filled beer mug with an urge to do more ... or are you gonna be a half filled beer mug who is morose struck ... no points for other answers :p

oracle: which one ... will be upto you ;)

Monday, October 3

kalyaana vasantham

marriage talks can get interesting ... for some its shooo shooo ... but then some times it can crack you up ... this was narrated to me by some friends of mine ... not fictitious ... it did happen :) ... everyone wud wish to have witnessed this

Father: Unnaku naange payyan pakka poorom
Gal : Kalyaanathuku ippo yenna avasaram paa
Father: Innum konja naal poona chance Illai adhan :p ... yendha payalum othukka mattan
Gal : Seri Seri anna oru condition
Father: Condition'a ... hmm sollunga thaaye ... pakkaren ... *slapping his head* ... yen neeram
Gal : Yennaku Maadhavan Maadhiri Oru Payyan Veenum
Father: Romba Kashtam Dee
Gal : Appo yennaku kalyaanam vendam
Father: Seri Maadhavan maadhir oru payyan kandupudikkaren nee vechupoome
Father: Aven yennaku Aishwarya Rai madhiri oru ponnu veenum nu ketta :-?
Gal : Thinking /:)
Father: Andhe maadhiri moonji ku naa yenga pooradhu #-o
Gal : 8-| *(@&$*(@&(*@&#*(@

ha ha ... some family ;) ... some conversation

Saturday, October 1

Ghajini Goes Bijili

it took me darn 1hr:10 min to get to prarthna drive in theatre from mambalam ... happy to have had a long drive on my dear balrAm ... but what was it worth

it was the ghajini craze ... I gave a cursory look into some reviews n got the gist so was not too surprised ... saw it with qute a bit of optimism ... so here is my synopsis (NOT A SPOILER) and my view of the movie ...

1st the gud things about the movie
  1. Surya - he has taken a completely different luks ... of course his hair which I believe is a wig :) ... the gals were like ... omg!!! if only guys were like this ... ha ha ... who wudn't say that ... the best part that I like about him is the way he promulgates his love (be it in Khaake Khaake, Ayudha Yezuthu or this one) ... and of course oru appAvee luks ... how does he make that puppy face :-? ... hez got the machismo n all ... I liked him since "Nandha" to be precise ... hez done a fairly decent job in the movie ... proly only commendable acting ... n yooo ... dude done descent dancing this time around ... but guess what in the song "Rangola" he makes movies like our super star as he can't dance much ... reminded me of "Thillana Thillana" song ;)) ... but hez taken up this perfect youngster luks here ... esp in those tuxedo ... tho he doesn't beat vikram as Remo in anniyan ;) ... he was the main reason I went for the movie :)
  2. Asin - I just never felt her to be anything but gud luk'n ... it stayed that way for most part ... admitted shez proly got the most beautiful sharp eyes ... but her conceited talks in 1st half of the movie was grossly affected ... pathetic if I can say ... maybe she thinks shez 2 cute ... or it was the director ... why is that actress's dun have much role now-a-days? she can turn out very gud ... only if ppl wud not have her flaunt ... shez cute n can make a gr8 role if they do give her one ... but in this movie I was disappointed ... I hate to say this but jothika wud have done gr8 for the 1st half ... the latter half was better though when ppl get into trouble ... shez done well in the tragedy scene =D> ... I gt give that to her ... her grerarity was not natural ... but after the proposal I think she did very very well ... the composure was befitting n flowing ez ... she can do better than this ... but "Rahatulla" song >:P ... I'm sorry if ppl find that kewl ... actually I felt sorry for her ... oooh yeah her dancing ... most part she doesn't smile when she dances ... therz surya with a happy face n she as if struggling to keep up :( ... shez yet another reason for watching the movie ;) I admit :D
  3. Nayanthara - *WHAT THE HELL* ... shez probably the biggest mistake in the movie ... nuthing commendable ... she ominously fat n what the hell has she attempted ... I loathed her very presence in any scene ... more of that as I rail
so much for the characters ... now to what I liked in the movie :)

the build-up story was a bit of fun ;) ... surya lived up ... the way the romance grew was made nicely ... it was just natural ... no profanity ... but the gal pullin him in for an undergarment ad n all ... n the luk on surya's face ... ha ha ... simply superb ... her talk with him oblivious that he was "Sanjay Ramasamy" ... was nice ... surya gave a magical touch to that :)

"Oru Maalai" ... na na nanana na na nananaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... my favourite track in the movie :x ... well the lines "aval alli vidda poikal nadu naduve konjam meikal" ... ha ha ... for once the lyrics in tune with the story :) ... I felt surya really gud in this one ... my friend n I just cud resist from singing ... well no donkeys around so :D ... not much from asin her but her catwalk's n a bit of flauntin around

"Suttum Vizhi" one of my other favourite song, n it was just fictitious ... soporophic mood say many ... but a very deep sounding song ... but, not in flow with the movie ... therz a small veena piece in there which turns me on everytime ... was elated to hear it as the duo step on the wet-cement ... picturisation was gud for most part but for some funny steps by surya ;)) ... it was like a clown @ times ... dance was okey ... didn't feel asin had much to this either but some nice expression when not dancin

there 2 songs r my recommendations for music enthusiasts ... rangola is an ez listener too ... bu the video was bit funny ... but I do suggest this review by Arvind if ur a staunch listener :)

the Action ... many say is a bit gory n very violent ... weeeeeeell maybe ... but I didn't find it 2 artificial unlike anniyan which was conspicuous ... luks like The Matrix is influencing every kollywood movie now ... tho a bit of exageration, most part of it was physical ... as in not effects ... the ppl were there ... maybe with harness n stuff ... but they were there ... the fight with the chimps ( =)) okie thats the twin vilians, omg they luk'd so funny ... btw were they supposed to make one feel fear ... hilarious it was ) in the showdown was a bit too much ... some of the stunts were indeed nice ... physics defying ... but not tooo unbelievable ... worth mentioning is the chimps holding surya horizontally n kickn him was a new stunt ... many of john woo's signature stunts were also there ... the chimps I believe was supposed to give the feel of two Agent Smiths vs Neo ... I can empathize their attempt ... but it failed miserably (n) ... the police who comes @ the initial scene was yuk ... waaaaaaaaaay 2 affected ... well build okey ... but just inane ... surya punching the floor tiles through water n all was unnecessary ... it spoiled the show ... all folks were like - "excuse me sir, what did he attempt", me - "no tension ... he was just washing his hands in the water" =)) ... the stunt to match rajni flying on a perfect horizontal trajectory made it trite ... but overall it was less funny than most regional movies ... and some some innovation and originality

What went wrong?

the main plot was a bit weak ... proly not enuf time to dwell amidst all the romance ... @ times the character gave a feelin of a split personality ... one a bit more composed ... other lil crazy ... such a patient out @ large was not very convincing but no weakness to it either ... the sound track many times tries to scare the audience maybe ... sounds like from movie omen n some kaalam kaalamage thondru thottu varum horrow movie sounds ... was misleading ...

nayanthara above all ... what did she thing ... she can vie with Yanna Gupta ... I dun wanna say how she luk'd with that ring in her mooku L-) ... she was bitchy ... I'll hold myself there ... the "X-Machi" song was horrendous ... plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dun see that crap ... guys were like "yendha college le maa indhaa maadhiri laam pannuvaaange ... na veelaiya laam vitutu ange poi join pannaren ... therinjuirundha naanum nalla padichuruppen " ... ha ha jocular of course ... shame no em to have come up some something like that ... all start'd with "Cheena Thana" ... shez so plump n got MRF tires (which even guys wud envy for their's wudn't stand a chance) n she goes exposed #-o ... in a tight leather swim short sized piece ... plz I give up ... I HATE that song as well now

then again her character was whimsical ... many a times in Cue (FF) ... shez proly tried to be glamorous in this movie ... all her reputation is proly down the drain by now ... its not even the dress ... asin's in much more flagrant arraignments ... but shez adorable in em ... but this dame's lost it ... the scene where she gives Mission Briefing to surya is proly the most funny ... it was just as stupid as it cud get ... and then @ the hostel for the final show down ... she was giving a pet talk to our protogonist (who can't remember past 15min n fails to recognize her often) saying whats suyanalam and podhunalam :-h ... it wud have been a twist to see him say - "nee ippo yenna romba confuse pannite, na modella unna kolla pooren ... apparum avangalai" ... n then of course "avano addi" n all that in sada style as in Jayam ... ho ho ... what a sense of humor ... her expressions of gawk n dismay was appalling to me :D ... phew ... glad to be alive

and above all else a big disappointment ... the song "Rahatulla" ... liked it a bit after a few hearings ... but the video :( ... c'mon asin is better flaunting naturally than with such luks ... tough gait is not for her ... none of the guys liked it ... it was rap'pish style ... the moves ... just didn't fit

and then the vilian ... he n his twin brother luk like chimps, hideous ones ... I doubt if they were added to make ppl laugh ... esp when they stare ... =)) ... candidates for a dilbert comedy strip equivalent ... they didn't have the imposing nature of underworld ppl ... bit of a comedy track for the movie

and then again ... is there no other topic but abuse of women by underworld n all for films ... okey its the fact ... accepted ... now this has been running for aaaaaaaaaaages now ... n I'm sick n tired ... its like sun t.v.'s exageration during kk's arrest ... by repeated telecast for a week or more X-( ... see movies like "Company" ... thatz a gem of a movie ... n therz more to that line ... plz grow up ppl ... everytime I see such things a fit of revulsion hits me


its not a gr8 movie ... u can watch the movie once for surya and asin's sake and their prankish flirting ... the romance side was nice ... not the best but watchable ... the plots a bit weak as such ... action is better than in most movies ... a bit of masala for the indian crowd as its always been ;)

surya has done good and asin was okey n can do better

well I had nuthing to loose ... I got to eat masala dosa for free (courtesy my pals) for having gone all that distance ... no remorse for not having seen it in satyam ... phew ... now I got this off my back ... to my chores n errands now ...

okie got some more hints ... knew that the story ain't original ... but now we know where it came from ... so for the benifit of some lazy readers ... memento ... well @ least the plagiarism was was expedient this time ... smart guys :) ... thnx to the many folks who refered to this link :) ... danx Mr. killerklown ...