Friday, October 27

What Say?

Can it get more direct that this ;)). Just cudn't stop laughing @ the irony.

Tuesday, October 24

Google ranked less

Did you notice that google's search page gets a rank of 8/10 only :-o?

It used to be amongst the top scorers a while back. Wonder what happened :-/.

Thursday, October 19

Go bursting this diwali

Its Diwali time :), and time to go cracking ur neighbours wits out. But not this time for me :(.

So what do I do :-?. Well get a mosquito bat ;)). All you do it hold the button and sweep the bat, n *patack* - u see fireworks. This is much easier than squashing mosquitoes or slowly killing youself with repellents thinking they'd kill the mosquitons someday *sigh*. Beware of hiting nearby humans, it stings n hurts badly.

Just for 150 bucks you get this marvellous piece of equipment and you get rid of those pesky morons who go woinnnnnnnnnnnn n ur ears when you are about to doze off X-(.

The only problem is that during diwali mosquitoe count goes down all thanks to the smoke. My folks even ask me to burn those smoking capsules so that it enters the house :)). So you may not find enough to bat-out, but for those like me who ain't supposed to celebrate, this is a better alternative.

HAPPY DIWALI folks! And please play it safe :).
I have hit Quadrant Four, so you wouldn't be seing me around until the 5th of November. (I already see enought people thinking "thank goodness" with a sigh of relief.) And NO, its got nothing to do with "Remember Remember the 5th of November Gunpowder, treason and plot ..." from V for Vendetta ;). I hope to be back.


Tuesday, October 17

Meet the rebelz


Solving the wrong problem?

Finally, the child labour abolishment is enacted!

Here is one side of the coin as seen by vatsan. One the other hand I wonder how many would be hit for other reasons. I don't know in numbers but the socio-economic state here is such that some (or maybe many) children have to work to support their family. Probably coz they are unaware of what education could give them, probably forced by parents / exploitation.

Now given than those children don't work anymore, what do they do? Do we have adequate resources to give them education? How do we provide alternate support for their families?

When reservation policy requires staggered implementation, how did they go so drastic on this? Sitting at the comforts of our lives we say all this. A day's life from their perspective will probably shed light on why that evil might be necessary.

Authorities ain't stupid either. On a positive note this will be an incitement to improve our education resources. Though it look gray in short sight, it could prove well worth it in a generations time.

I really hope these enthusiastic (or politically driven) decisions are well thought of and don't back-fire.

Saturday, October 14

If you believe ...

if you believe in light its because of obscurity
if you believe in joy its because of sadness
if you believe in god its because of the devil

if you believe in myth its because of reality
if you believe in truth its because of falsehood
if you believe in pleasure its because of pain

if you believe in beauty its because of the unsightly
if you believe in peace its because of war
if you believe in love its because of hate

if you believe you cook well its because you haven't tasted better food
if you believe you are beautiful its only because your boyfriend told you so
if you believe you are bubbly its because u ain't down within

if you believe in blogging its because your not engaged enuf ;))

now get back to work ... friday is quite far away, so don't start counting yet :D

Thursday, October 12

Its a CPU ... its a GPU ... NO its a PPU

Seldom do I make a post of technical stuff but for ocassional exceptions and here is one (coz am in no frame of mind to write a post right away) after more than 6 months in waiting.

The CPU has been all pervasive through history, even a pea-nut brains is aware of one these days. Gone are the days when CPU were the most expensive part of a computer (coz they were considered so brainy).

With games spurting all around it was the sound blaster revolution. Playing Prince of Persia or Alladin was one thing, but with an SB Compatible sound card was another. Unfortunately the APU concept did not last long as thought (most people only know that term as the APU introduced in the movie trilogy - The Matrix). The processing reequired for them was quite limited. It converged into support for the conventional Dolby, Surround Sound, THX and evolved in the PC world as EAX.

And then a spur of application specific cards have come out. But none has become as ubiquitous as GPU's are today. I remember days when I was in college people used to boast of a 32 MB AGP card capable of 24 million colours ... oh oh True Color *jaw dropping*. The 1st among my circle was an nVidia RIVA TNT2 when all I owned was an S3 Savage4 Chipset. Today I am fortunate to own a GeForceFX processing unit which b.t.w. turned out more expensive than my main processor. Since then it has moved to a long long ago so long ago fancy of multiple GPU's from Voodoo raising yet again in tha name of SLI Technology. There is no stopping this for there is a long way to go before graphics can be called visually satiating.

Part of the problem is with the incapability of simulation of real world physics - hair, cloth, skin, water, fire, explosions, deformations you name it. So we'v got a new kid on the block to plug the leak - Physics Processing Unit. And this baby costs as much as a hi-end GPU. Get a gist about this bad boy here. And looks like the next-gen consoles are already 'Equipped'. Get rolling tiger ...

Saturday, October 7

Talk of the town

In south its Chikungunya of course. Turns out that even though its mortality rate is low, it has killed enough. All thanks to people taking unprescribed medicines.

Folks who read this please educate those around you. Read this short article.

Sunday, October 1

Go Rebelz

They did it all with a flair. None of these people have even been associated with any theatre group before. Since this May the whole idea was subject to so much change. In fact none of the actors are the once who were meant to do them.

Its been more of a learning experience than one of a grand success. The response yesterday was superb while it didn't keep up today. Nevertheless we had the niche crowd which goes for plays and boy a very constructive response. With so much scope for improvement the guyz have learnt things the hard way. They are all set to go with this dash of success and pinch of bitterness.

As they mentioned in their prelude - "Everyone can dream, but only a few materialize it", and these folks have :). Keep up the good work guyz. It was fun working on the back stage stuff seeing it all happen. Hope to see your next production come up with a bang.