Thursday, June 18

The Madras Quartet is Back!!!

After so many years of waiting (practically thavamAi thavamirundhu) for his next album the exuberance is finally here :). So fills my heart with bliss! If you are a fan of their first album - 'Resonance', you wouldn't wanna miss this.

rAgA saga is here folks! V S Narasimhan Sir and the Madras Quartet are Back!!!

Visit for more information and to listen to music clips. Or search for V S Narasimhan in youtube and you'll find quite a treat incl. sneak peak into this album. More updates later.

My favourite for now is the Lalgudi G.Jayaraman's thillAnA set to dEsh. Brilliant rendition with a western touch! Love it.

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Sunday, June 7

After marriage

Swamy gave his friend Sarathy a puppy as a wedding gift.
Three months later they meet each other on the street.

Swamy: "How is married life?"
Sarathy: "Oh just a few small changes over time, that's all"
Swamy: "What changes?"
Sarathy: "In the beginning, your puppy used to bark at me, and my wife used to bring me the newspaper. Now, my wife barks at me, and your puppy brings me the newspaper!"

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are purely fictitious. Resemblance of the names to anyone is purely unintentional.