Friday, July 17

In spite of us

Quite a while back I wrote a post on how we substantiate our existance in the name of others. Children substantiating their lives in the name of their parents, adults substatiating theirs in the name of their spouse and children.

We always have this thought that people depend on us and we have to live up for their comfort etc., in a way. But how often do you entertain the thought that they are going to be, "despite" us.

Imagine you cease to exist shortly. Every one of these dependents would continue to live one way or another, despite our absense. It is the very nature of existance - things exist despite others and not bound to the existance of others.

The only problem with this thought is it leaves people feeling of no importance, without attention and leaving their ego empty. Too much for the public I guess. Everyone wants to be a pillar and that they in as the purpose of their life.

On a related note, remember how we question the appropriateness of someone taking sanyAs, as we call it - "leaving their family behind". Lets put aside our instinctive counter arguments for a moment. It is all a matter of how we have been conditioned by society to look at this.

Try thinking beyong and perhaps you'll understand that everyone IS "Despite" you.


Thursday, July 2

Following in AWE

No it wasn't some lovely girl or something such :). It was just a blind man walking steadfast with his walking stick. All I felt was awe and zilch pity.

It was just amazing watching him navigate his way sensing the world with the end of a stick. He stood right at the pedestrian crossing waiting for the pedestrian signal and beeps to go.

I couldn't differentiate the beep between the direction I was to take and the perpendicular one. But he did :). We could say I never had to or haven't trained myself to do it. Bit still it was an awe moment.

He crossed the road at the signal and so flawlessly handled the curb. He was steadfast and in fact was walking quicker than I. Okie! he was tall and had a longer stride (and thats to satisfy my ego)!

After our ways split I wondered how I've taken my vision for granted and have never felt a pint of gratitude for it. And it reminded me of this anecdote -

A blind man went to a doctor who promised to restore his eyesight. The doctor explained it all and said - "Once you get your vision you wouldn't need you walking stick anymore. You can throw that away :).". The blind man got a little scared and asked - "I understand that I will be able to see, but how will I walk if I don't have my walking stick?"

Reminds me of how institutionalized we get to become as we "grow up".