Wednesday, January 31

"For just 21,000"

I have been very cynical about the media and probably for good reason. This is the latest drama they put on using TATA's acquisition. It quotes that "R D Tata" (Spare be if I got the person wrong) established TISCO with just about 21,000 INR. Did they even consider of what value that amount was over more than 1/2 a century back? I remember people earning like big amount of 500 for a salary back then.

I think the media understand Indian people well. That they are dumbo's who just go with sentiments and attachments rather than being objective. I don't blame them all. I find some of them putting on quite a responsible show and news worth of praise. But these few who are cynical on just about anything and everyone, absolutely disgusting! Such a perennial negative view of things just put me off. Just imagine the influence it would have on people watching it. This is worse than the TV mega serials ;)).

I wish the media would be more responsible and not just be in a race to be the "1st to show". And please stop making debates every-night at prime time. But for a very few days in a year, its pointless as much as the topic you pick.

Tuesday, January 23

Everyone's envy India's Pride

After god know's how long, I'v felt a sense of pride of India. Think it was when the last time an indegenous accomplishment was reached - pokharan and our NAL made airplace that broke the sound barrier (bare with me if the particulars are incorrect). ISRO's mission to recover the capsule on re-entry after being launched into space was a GRAND SUCCESS. A moment to truly celebrate and realize the possibility of a manned mission to moon, atleast in my lifetime :).

I do not know how many people followed this story amidst the inconsequential HOT debates on TV. How can you, when such an achievement is aired for hardly 5-10 minutes, while debates over trivial issues take up much of the prime time. Oblivious, most of the viewers fell to the trap manipulating their sentiments. Ironically, the debate turned out to be as inconsequential as the matter itself. So much for prime time. If you still don't know what I mean, its the Racism issue in some show which I don't wanna mention here. I just went on to the new channel web sites and as expected none of them had put this on their top stories. This event is over visible under the "More Stories" category. "Shilpa Shetty" & some british female are all in the news while these scientists achievements hardly get 5 mins in the air. Ain't that something to be proud of :(. And thanks a ton to "The Hindu" for having put this new as their headlines.

On another note, a few words on the "India Poised" campaign. I was very glad to realize how there was an unanimous agreement that our education system is the bottleneck towards upliftment of the economically backward sections of society. Another interesting point was made for the question - "Indian political system seems to be in bad shape. What would it take to clean up the mess?". And a gentleman answered - "The system is fine. Its the people who are the problem. You, me and hence the politicians", ha ha, how true. And then of course the fact that the policies of different political parties at the centre marginal differs, esp now that most of them are thinking forward. And this one too - Gone are the days when people used to flock out of India, here is a time when our beloved NRI's are all eyes to get back home. The one point that really caught up my attention was CPO (Creative Process Outsourcing). That was music to my ears ;).

There is a say that goes like this - "A man doesn't understand beyond what it takes to earn his next meal". This is as much the root of the problem as I can see it. Education does help, but it is going to take a long time given to incapability and rigidity of the current system. But I feel that the media can do a much better job in enlightening the people *right now*. Of course "IF" they would choose to air more consequential and motivating stuff at prime time. Unfortunately most of the time they pick on the sentimental side of things and project themselves as the channel which has unfolded a grave situation in the country. Not that they don't make valuable programs, but very very few of these get aired at prime time. "Money" / "Rating" is the operative word.

On the other hand, who can blame them? Every channel targets higher ratings. Most people are more interested in knowing as to what is happening between Abishek Bachan & Aishwarya Rai #-o. I am just wondering as to how much of misplaced values the media is perclorating into the public. Guess am beginning to talk in absolutes now.

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Sunday, January 7

Odd Ends of Sanity

I wanted to make a peppy post to start the year. But then this just struck me and I didn't wanna forget to write. It ain't glum but one that might make you think.

As I write I am hearing the character speak, as I consider it. His language for what I know is only filled with swear words. As if he were taught these in place of our conventional languages. Trust me, these are some of the most hideous of works in tamil. He only says em when the road is empty or there is a lone traveller. Strangely, the guy stop shouting them when he sees kids. He sits on the platform right outside my room so I have the prevelege of hearing him a lot. Rainy days are when he mumbles the most :(. Taking shade under our need tree which gives a bit of shade on the platform. It ain't his abode as he takes up different places in the locality every day. I have even seen him with a clean hair-cut and shaven. He looked so bright that way :). He often stares at me in silence as I enter our gates. Truth be told, I am afraid of looking at him, considering that he may be offended if I did so.

A couple of years back I used to work in bangalore. During my frequent visits to madras over the weekend, I used to commute from the trainstation to home by bus. During the wee hours in the morning, at the bus stand opposite central station I'v noticed an individual living on the platform. He was lying over just a couple of news papers and very little accessories. Even when lying down he was mumbling, and when he woke up he used to mumble aloud / silently in bursts. What he spoke didn't make sense to me but for him uttering names like MGR, Anna and a few more famous politicians. As if these men were alive.

I don't feel sorry for these people (coz I detest pity and I guess they would too). But I do wonder as to what could drive people into such insanity. Of course, the word by itself is just an point of view ;). It made me realize that every one of us is insane to various degrees. Imagine youself being in a place where you have none to talk with. Or just nobody talks to you and you eventually give up trying. If you carefully observe people who are subject to such circumstances, you'd find that they start talking with objects around them and even just themselves. They even make characters out of nothing just to keep conversing.

Does this just show as to how much of a social animal humans are? Forget these extremes. You can observe these traits even with people who just don't get to talk much. Like when they miss someone who had always been along. They talk to themselves, plants, animals, god etc etc. Didn't John Nash experience similar delusion due to schizophrenia?

Sometimes I feel that religion, our sacred texts and all have come into existence this way. A moral mans delusions of an entity he called god which was probably a figment of his own imagination which edified all that we have known as sacred text. Obviously if such were told by a man, people would hardly pay attention to it. I know its a far fetched speculation :), but quite plausible. Ultimately, it can very well be an insane mans delusions which is keeping so much of humanity (the believers) ticking ;).

Bottomline, I guess there is insanity in everyone of us. It is only a question of in whome this has manifested similar to talents of people whome we deem "Normal". I hope this makes you think twice before you presume someone is crazy ;)).


Tuesday, January 2

God's Gift to "Man"kind

Been to Munnar @ God's Own Country (as many know it) for the New Year. Eight of us had a fabulous time. Of course the usual honorary leg pullings, empty stomach treks through the mountains, sleepless new years eve ;) and the guyz fumbling after just a few shots.

It was an absolute blast. It was a 3 day trip (intended as a 4 day tour) with lots of bulbs right from the start ;)). We just went on clicking pix on-and-on that we got bored of it towards the end.

Where do I start and where do I end? It was so eventful and so fraught with bloopers. No promises But I hope to post a travelogue on it soon :). Plenty of photo worth wall-papers. Much more blissful than the "Bliss" wallpaper of XP. I'm still having a hard time believing I clicked some of em ;).

This is my favourite photo (and similar ones) of all ;)), for obvious reasons. Many people might curse me for this, think I am too raw, being uncouth or whatever. But evertime I see these photo I just go LOL =)). After me few more guyz started taking these pics out for revenge >:).

I consider this to be one of the greatest gift from god to Mankind. You'd agree with me if you've been through the sanitary conditions in India as you travel :p. What a pleasure it is - to just call the driver to stop, walk out and take a leak in the wild feeling the chilling open winds of nature ;))on you face. And that too with all your best pals by your side :D.

This is not my favourite pic :p, for obvious reasons. But one I am releasing out'a demand :). Actually, gODo is hell bent, and am just bailing out myself before he gets evil. God save me :-O.

More pics and on Munnar to come shortly ... so stay tuned

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