Monday, December 26

Singaara'ch Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaara?

With lots of anticipation I had gone to the concert as akways. Flit early on from office to get hold of tickets. During my wait it looked as though this was the regular crowd that comes for concerts. But then I was wrong, knew it the moment we entered the arangam. Honestly such a large place IMHO is not quite suited to carnatic concerts. Few reasons to quote - the acoustics, the purpose, and all those factors that add up to a concert when they are held in sabhas.

I was extremely disappointed with the atmosphere, pretty much from the start. The places smelled like Indian Railway coaches, the Bangalore Mail coach to be specific. Frequent travellers will know what I mean.

Further I was unfortunately seated with some chap who kept constant talking. I could hardly listen to the song completely. Fortunately and incidentally a friend of mine had come, so escaped to njoi the music with her. Much of the crowd there I believe have got the tickets as complementary, so they were there as if watching some entertaing magic show or something *sigh*. Hardly any respect for such an artist and there effort. People had comes across all ethnic barriers which made me surprised at first. Then I realized, it was not meant to be.

The show was all too commercial. I do agree that is needed, but there are limits when it comes to art. The disappointing part was that the concert was kind of muffled in the bustling white noise of the insipid crowd. I don't blame them, they were given tickets and they were there. The organizers are to be blamed.

It does not deserve to be called Chennai'yil Thiruvaiyaaru. The intensity, respect and revered emotion at such festival was not even present to the slightest pint. After attending it I declined from some other concerts that I thought I should on the same festival. After having seen quite a bit of the music season, this was despicable. Not the concert but the lacklustre atmosphere :(.

Kamarajar Arangam is not a place for music rasikkas to njoi a concert. Even the acoustics were quite unimpressive. Well this will probably be the only time I attend a carnatic concert at this place.

Scintillating Sudha Posted by Picasa

The concert was fantastic tho. The choice of songs was a little disappointing as in they are crowd favourites. At first I felt the violin sounded too flat, and not sharp and precise. Later realized there was quite a bit of 'piseral' and it was just not neat. Otherwise it was quite enjoyable. Fortunately I was sitting upfront, pretty much in front of the speakers so, it was acceptable.

The best part of her is her etiquette. She even came up to the proscenium to give her vanakkams to the mass with a bow. Was wondering if they deserve it, considering the extent to which the respected the artist with their constant prattling. The most impressive thing about this lady is the fact that her tamil is so spectacular, that you wouldn't be expecting her to show such a flair in english. The focus that this women has, the bhavyam, the dedication and her seemless inspiration adds to all that she is. And when it is time to oblige for the commercial side of things, she don's a beautiful smile as always. Even after close to 4 hours of gruesome, n intense singing she would oblige for her rasikaas, esp the kids with a hearty smile. Her policy - Always smile :), no matter how difficult it is. Every concert of her's gives me something to learn. This is not the last of her's that I get to enjoy this season ;).

The Troupe in Action Posted by Picasa

A quick Synopsis of the songs

  1. sreeman naraayaNa (r: bowLi) - one of the finest slokams to start with, it never fails to put a mind into peace, of course when sung well. This was no place for such questions. But for the pest sitting next to me X-(, it was intense enjoyment.
  2. brOcEvarevarura (r: khamaas) - another one of my favourite tracks since Dream Journey I should admit. Really sweet to hear the ACE sing this. This was when my I spotted my friend *phew*. All thanks to her I got that gadfly off me, to enjoy the rest of the concert.
  3. nee daya raadhaa (r:vasantabhairavi) - I don't remember much but supposedly comes in the sindu bhairavi movie too. This track I'v heard quite a while from her album - Mellifluous Melodies.
  4. asaindhaaDum mayil (r:simhEndra madhyamam) - I'v heard another song from her with the samy starting lyrics, but this was different and new for me. This was one amazing piece for the evennig ;). All stars to her deft modulation, so seemless and gave the feeling of being very precise. The quick and subtle variations in temp were all too captivating. 1st timer for me, and did make the best impression ;).
  5. taayE yashOdaa (r: katanakudhugalam) - yes my friends. If I remember from the raamanavami festival correct, this is NOT rendered in tODi. But my friend argued otherwise.
  6. kurai ondrum illai - definitely not the best of her renditions. It was nice and the crowed loved it, but I expected something more than the normal.
  7. hari smaraNe maaDO (r: yamunaa kalyaaNi) - is a new track that I have to admit am in love with. I need to get hold of this from somewhere, all to placid and suave. I just loved it through-n-through.
  8. thandanana abi / brahmamokaTE (r: bowLi) - the drift between normalcy and short and intermittent change of tempo was exceptionally inspiring. I'v seen her do better than this, but this was good enuf for the crowd. In fact they loved it, and the whole hall was clasping their hands for the thalams (right or wrong).
  9. Mangalam

and then the long honours ... The compere was horrible at his tamil, by the very fact of his trying to speak in thuya tamil ending up with a whole lot of blunders. Sudha would have made justice to it with ease.

Thanks to the crowd, the concert experience proved less than exceptional. Thanks to ACE I sat through the whole program.

Two more concert synopsis pending. Hopefully one a day shouldn't be all that difficult :). More of those comming up at you ...

here's SamY reporting from his December Season 2005 Spree (as on 21st Dec) ... adios

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Sunday, December 25

idhu yenna pereeya computer science'a?

that a dialogue by manivannan in the movie 'pista'. And don't get ur imagination wild, I didn't see just movie. Just an observation as I passed by the TV box.

I even remember a viva adv where the kids works so fast the computer bursts into flames, =)) like those age old movies in a bygone time. Made me wonder for a moment :-?, as to what is computer science in a more pedestrian sense. I picked the pedestrian motif, because of the sheer number of people getting into it which makes it seem all too trivial now. Esp. the fact of being in a big software establishment and earning a lot of money.

When it comes to engineering at least (and not management) I'd go by the following -
"thinking more like a machine and less like human"

anything else that resembles the above pattern of thinking - factory workers? video gaming? ... what else?

Tuesday, December 20

Sweet Sound of Mandolin - by U.Sirinivas

This Sunday (18th Dec) evening was not to be spoiled by the rains. December Season 2005 will be celebrated <:-P. Althrough in the evening it was a light drizzle, from about 6:10 it started pouring hard. It was the 1st day of this monsoon when I travelled with my rain-coat on, nevertheless water trickeled through. All this while I managed to dash during the short cessations in the rain. Managed to make it to the place, but clean :(. I was shoddy and unpresentable thanks to having got moist in the rain #-o, and it was no ease to ensconce until the music made me oblivious to it all. To add to it my eyelids were heavy, so hoped that the program would come in handy.

My pursuit towards learning violin is given to the dulcet master-pieces brought out by deft composers and various styles of renditions. If there was another instrument that would contend in my mind, it would definitely the mandolin. Violin's infamity with the pedestrian community is given to scores of so called dragging musical works, which invariably puts those unable to appreciate it into instant slumber. Mandolin is no exception either, and I have to admit that I don't as yet have the maturity to appreciate raagam improvisations (think they call it AlApanai) *when they are slow*, esp in instruments as violin and mandolin (but hardly on the sax). In all other aspects this instrument is just enchanting to me, of course in good hands :D.

First my confession - I almost dozed off once in a while unable to withstand to those pure raagams being played :(. It would only be an excuse for me to say I was tired and needed some nudging / groovy music. But then almost every piece was carefully choosen or rendered such that it wouldn't let me drift into dream land. Just when I gave up, the music got set pace as the artist displayed his command over the instrument. It was truly amazing.

The Troupe for the evening Posted by Picasa

Here is a synopsis (not a review) of the songs that were played -
  1. Varnam set in kadanakutuhalam - it was just pleasing. This raagam is quite special to me. More than a year back it was Lalgudi Ji's Thillana that enticed me into this ocean. I vividly remember his compositions in kadanakutuhalam, dEsh and mOhaana kalyaaNi ;). Still my favourites, it brings me sweet memories ;).
  2. tatvamariya taramaa by Papanasam Sivan in reeti gowLa - not too very certain about the song name but the later info is for sure. Got to listen to it and recognize. This was a nice one, 1st timer you see :D.
  3. raghuvara in pantuvaraaLi - was really amazing. Towards the end as the pace increased I was like O.M.G. he ain't human. I should get hold of this sometime. I found it very impressive.
  4. annapoorNE vishaalaakshi in saama - this composition from muthuswamy dikshitar was quite slow and nice. Quite mellow when I was prying for groovy ones. Think's I'd like this for the late nighters :p.
  5. Thyagarajar composition in vanaspathi - this went on for about 20 mins, with highs and lows (in tempo n grooviness). Even the experienced enthusiasts could not guide me on this one :(.
  6. Thyagarajar composition in kOkilavaraaLi - another one of those tracks my neighbours now I could discern :-s.
  7. vaasuEva varaguNa in bilahari - this is where the concert started picking up, I mean I was live and kicking :p, it just got groovy. I am not all too sure if this is the exact T's composition he mentioned tho :-?.
  8. paalvaDiyum mugam in naaTTai kurinji - *-:) ting ... this song rang bells in my mind ... I knew I was making the same mistake. Thought it was conspicuous that the raagam was different I associated certain segment with those comming in the song alai paayudE #-o. Just when I realized I was erring again, I remembered I heard this quite recently ~x(. Gotcha!!! :), ACE rendered the same song in her concert on 15th :D. Bingooo!!!
  9. thikku thEriyAdha kaatil (bharathiyar song) - a never heard before track, nice one ;).
  10. sankara sankara (sai bhajan) - probably I am mistaken as before, but this reminded me segments from the PS kriti - manamE kanamum.
  11. chandrasekhara in sindhu bhairavi - seemed familiar but was easy and nice.
  12. thillAna in hameer kalyaaNi - thillana's make me go \:D/, most of them and this one sure did wonders. Was awesome for a closure.
  13. mangalam
Regardless of my drowsy state, I enjoyed it well. Mandolin is just fantastic and U.Srinivas, well I have not stature to comment on such revered musician. December Season 2005 is the exam for all of the artists to make their name, for journalists/critics with a good sense of music would tear their reputation in the tabaloids. I remember one such on ACE. More of my spell for this season later.

adios ... rasikaas

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Saturday, December 17

kartheegai dheepam :)

He : inniki yenna dee spl?
She: spl yellam mudinju poochu, ippo nee odamba nagathare time
He : yennale cook laam panna mudeeyadhu :-s
He : appadee naa?
She: Nenappu Than Pozhappa Kedukkum
He : romba peesadhe dee, unnoda samayal is not all that gud either *sigh*
She: ippo yaaru samayal pathee peeseena?
He : ooooh noooooo shez gonna ask me to clean the house, or @ least my desk #-o ... noooooo way!!!
She: velakku yellathayum paran la yeethanum, adhu unooda poruppu
He : ha ha ... pattikaadu ... yenna kiruku pudichudutha unnaku
She: I am dead serious, yennalai mudeeyelai, yethu illai na adhula cobwebs vandha nee clean pannanum, or I have you get new ones next year
He : vellakellam naalu peeru pakkera maadhiri yedathula veppa, nee than kirukku maadhi adhu paran la yethi vekka sollare :p ... bhuhaspathi
She: ayyyyooooooooooooooo, nai kadikkadhe korai ku nee, unnaaaa
He : ayyo, amma, no no plz

utensils fly from the kitchen labeled - "from you chweeet heart, with love :x" ... so much for an element of fun

Disclaimer: The He-She series is based on inspiration from vee-jay. The authors style of deliverance has been adopted for its effectiveness and punch ;). Incident is still copyrighted by me :D.

Friday, December 16

Dr.Kadri does the honours for Narada Gana Sabha

I had absolutely no idea of hitting for the concert today ... was home early, n by 6 I realized it was only a weekday and I could still make it ... so skipping my evening snacks n with a bit of doubt (for want of time) I flit to the sabha ... 20 min in traffic ;) ... I normally drive with least need for applying brakes, but today I was @ the other end of the spectrum ... n thanks to my reflex I saved myself from crashing into a share auto ... "A** H***" was what came to my mind ... the way Detective Spooner says in "I, Robot" ... ha ha :))

NGS opens up for the season today, with their inaugural function precided by virtuoso violinist T.N.Krishnan ... with a swamigal presenting awards n crowd accolade to scores of kids ... the concert started 9 minutes late ... @ 7:09pm IST.

First the non-music part of this session. There was this old person by the name Subramanian, who wan'd to sit b/w me and a guy from abroad (very geeky, he was like einstein). So we began to talk, all of a sudden he came up with that funny US accent #-o, fine I'll like up to that. After a lil chat, I asked bluntly "where ryu put up in US of A?" ... "California, mathematics professor @ cal state univ" ... oh oooh #-o ... enuf of that story.

The crowd was variegated, kids playing rubix cube, that geek person "kannathula kaiya vechundu, closed his eyes (which @ time I mistook as sleep), oblivious" :)) he he, other alien people squatting on top of the chair =)), that was some sight ... n all sorts of people ... the atmosphere was gud ... no further ado

Kadri Opens up for Narada Gana Sabha Posted by Picasa

A brief synopsis of the songs that I recognized by self, or with the help of folks nearby. A few are left out, thanks to my ignorance. Raagams / alapana's n such not included.
  1. marugElaraa - this went of with improvisations and variations (sangathi's if I am not mistaken) for over 20 mins :-o ... fantastic it was ... the songs following a prelude in the raagam ... absolute feast to the ears ... the Dr was as quick as ever on his sax, but kanyakumari madam was not quite keeping up for the 1st 5 mins during those quick outpour of swaras ... after the warmup, it was flabberghasting ... of course, mistakes which makes the concerts interesting and the artists expertise @ reconcling with something amazing
  2. kaapi raagam - this was for almost 40 mins ... absolutely mindblowing .... made the previous one dwarfed ... the morsing was exceptional .. sounds and effects I have never heard before ... most of the crowd was ecstatic about it ... the "Thak" sound from the ganjeera was quite harsh ... but then maybe we got used to it in a while ... the Meelam-Ganjeera-Morsing sequence was absoutely delightful ... I dun understand the math in them but I do see the patterns increasing/decreasing in numbers ... so pleasing ... of course to begin with Kadri vs Kanyakumari duet was sweet ;) ... she was in grooves by then keeping up with the pace ... @ times we couldn't differentiate b/w the two instruments ... such sync :-o ... gods they were tonight O:-)

  3. Cycling b/w percussions n morsing :) Posted by Picasa
  4. Sai Bhajan: Shri Lakshmi Namo Narayana - some thing close to that title
  5. Theeradhe Vileyattu Pillai - ha ha ... my favourite since his fusion album series Dream Journey.
  6. Mamata Thungayile - I know I am way off mark ... but this is what I heard from the gentleman next to me ~x(
  7. Innu Daya Baarade - yaaaaay ... another one of the tracks I came to know from Dream Journey ... in fact I like this one a lot as well
  8. Venkatachala Nilayam - bhajan kind, but I like this song on the sax
  9. bhaagyada lakshmi baarammaa - in madhyamaavathi for closure, one of my favourites :) ... n that too rendered @ relative pace of Rajdhani Express ... no words to express the joy I had listening to it
The acoustics in the hall was quite harsh, a bit too loud (which I am used too), and the feedback reaching its peak occassionally leaving the audience %-( at times ... no sound engineer.

At the end almost the entire crowd stood up on their feet for the final accolade for the troupe ... n that geek who sat next to me too, with his hands up waaay over his head ... for the 1st time he looked @ me as we were dispersing ... gave a hearty smile and say ... "it was just amaaaazing!!!" ... it truly was ;) ... a lovely evening until now

ladies and gentlemen ... gud night and gud luck - adios

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Thursday, December 15

Chennai Reverberates once again!!!

It's been exactly a year since I started learning violin :). It was a period when life took a turn for me, and I consciously turned quite unconventional (Some consider it being nuts). Many incidents incited me into this, almost like I am living as though I didn't have much time left. After much deliberation, putting myself in other shoes and anticipating insolent questions and remarks from near and dear ones, I pitched in. Oh yeah, they didn't leave me disappointed, those questions did come in ;).

After consulting with my guru, 15-Dec-2004 was the choosen auspecious day for a new beginning. I still remember having gone empty handed, unaware of the custom of giving the guru dhakshanai with vethalai-pakku, pazham and all :"> he he. The moment I entered I saw the life size hand-painted aanjaneeyar and stood starring at it for a while. I ain't a spiritualits nor an atheist, but he is special to me n so was that moment. My guru held my hands and taught me how to hold the violin, the bow, the posture n all and I was playing "Open String Sa and Pa" ... ha ha =)).

It was past 8pm that day, and exactly once year since then I was at Vani Mahal (tonight) attending one of the earlier concerts of Sudha Raghunathan (ACE as I'd refer hence forth) for this season.

Yes folks, December Season 2005 is rocking n rolling. And I have plans to make the best of it at the cost of all. Already works in shambles to start with, but thats always the case even otherwise, so ;).

So it begins with ACE :) with her warmups. Only thing on my mind today were a problem and wanting to attend her concert. Not sure if I'd get the tickets being the 1st time, kept my fingers crossed. And I made it comfortably with some surprises.

First this gentleman, who welcomed me and opened the seat next to him, asking - "From US of A?". I was like "what the hell?", in my mind of course. Sat down with a glare, saying "NO". Another soul to whome I looked familiar (this time it was - "you look like my son, its been 4 years now since I'v seen him. He usually comes over for this season ... blah blah blah" #-o ). Against all odds, I got all too comfortable with him. Some of the perks of the season - greater probablity of meeting like minded people.

And the otherside an old lady (a patti), who has come down from delhi for about a month to attend the season :-o. I asked her a couple of times in disbelied ;;), whatever she thought for that. So people were all set - enthusiasts relaxing n getting snug, other with scratch pads and books that give the ragam and talam information for a song. And me with my official diary (putting it to good use finally :p) and my camera.

Chennai Reverberates - Samy reports from Sudha Raghunathans Concert @ Vani MahalPosted by Picasa

Singing - Shree Chakra Raaja Nilayee (Ragam: Sivasakthi) Posted by Picasa

Enough ado. I am only a dilettant so disregard any inadvertent judgemental remarks I may make. These are just my perspective of it from a pedestrian pov. Here is the list of songs I managed to note down -

  1. Yevareeyee %(*&(*@#!!&(#* - no idea :(
  2. srI mahaagaNapathim bajE - no idea, but google hints it is in gowLa / aThaaNaa :-??.
  3. Swaminatha Paripalayemam - not sure if I noted it correctly ~x(.
  4. tuLasi dalamulacE - \:D/ ... I was ecstatic when I heard the verses. Why? Coz one of my favourite songs from Ilayaraaja's - "How To Name It?", is based on this song ;)) set in maayamaaLava gowLa. The song goes by the title "Study of Violin" in that album. It was such a pleasure to hear the pure carnatic counterpart. But HTNI is seared in my mind. I was humming this song on my way back home. Imbibed over years of hearing.
  5. shree chakraraaja nilayE - in raagam sivasakthi. Started off with raagam improvisation after she proclaimed the raagam. And as she song I recognized what was comming - this song from the album Sankarabharanam ;). And it very well was. Enjoyed it IMMENSELY.
  6. paalvaDiyum mugam - set in naaTTai kurinji, another new song for me ;)
  7. a master piece my M.D.Ramathan - as claimed by the gentleman who sat beside me, :-?? .
  8. dhEhi thava - set in lovely sahAnA, I really liked this piece. Yet another new one.
  9. Om Saravanabhavanin Thiru Mandhiram - :-?? .
  10. aadi seedhaley yeshodey jagadhodharana - :-?? .
  11. Sai Bhajai - sai rAmA sai rAmA satya sai rAmA nAmA - :-??
  12. koovi azhaittaal - set in valaji. Another new track :).
  13. kurai onDrum illai - set in rAgamAlika. The 1st of the tukdas and the last too :D.
  14. mangalam
The concert was great for the two and half hours. ACE's voice didn't mend all the while. Few instances when it wouldn' listen to her were obvious, and that what makes live concerts interesting ;). But I'v seen it better during the april raamanavami festival at mambalam. The atmosphere was electric, and she wouldn't stop until she was seriously groggy and couldn't go any further. That was like an endurance run. An electric crowd, and ACE goin ballistic with the best of songs n peak performance. I remember her having said then, that programs with the sabha don't give as much pleasure as that prgm does. Sure I felt that today :(.

Much I have to learn from this concert. I plan to attend 2/3 more concerts of ACE's this season. I have quite high expectations when it comes to ACE. This was an very good concert, but I want to see her in her raakshasee form, unrelenting - more like who would quit first the artist / the audience; neegela / naana. Guess concerts through sabha's are different, and I'd get used to it :).

A year since I started learning, and how better can it get that to be @ ACE's concert marking the beginning of my spell for this season. Yippieeeeeeee!!!

Rigging my folks @ home for the upcomming ones. Scores of more artists to catch up with. So stay tuned ...

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Thursday, December 8

One day they'll have secrets ... One day they'll have dreams.

But we humans already *DO*. The title is a quote by the character "Dr. Alfred Lanning", Isaac Asimov's counterpart in the world of "I, Robot". That was just an introduction to the subject of this post - Dream's. So without any ado let me get to the crux.

I just happened to wonder what do dreams mean? Yes, it was a dream I had that led me into thinking about it. I sensed some pattern in recurrence of the dreams I've had, invariably coaxing me to mull about it here.

Questions - Why do we dream? What is a dream? Why do we dream what we dream? I ain't gonna get scientific here. It will be as pedestrian as I am in this subject. And I ain't particular about answering anything, but just raise the questions. These are just my perceptions and opinions, so feel free to add your own. Someday every one of you will have a dream that will make you rethink over the questions in this post.

Why do we dream?

I can vividly distinguish human mind playing two roles - conscious and the subconscious. Blandly put it is the difference between - Stanley Ipkiss and his alter 'The Mask'. Apart from being a non-stop entertainer I realize that the movie tells a much subtle nature of the human psyche.

If u'd watched most episodes of 'The Mask' on Cartoon Network, take the trouble to remember the one where Stanley meets up with a psychologist who recommends a book on "Reverse Psychology". Mr. Ipkiss begins to live his normal life much like his goofball alter - The Mask, frisky and frivolous. Only to realize that the mask does not work on him anymore.

The movie hints that the mind is more like a Ying-Yang, that which we just *are* in the real world vs. that we wish to be in our dream world.

What we are in the real world is dictated by the conscious rational portion of the human mind as in, to be uptight and such. These are the characteristics that we portray to the world outside.

But then the nature of the human mind is that it always wants more, just like Pepsi's - "Yeh Dil Maange More". As with me and in most individuals the subconscious ness of an individual indulges in an eternal search. It defines human instinct which is less directed by the "rational " factor. With time a persons values as defined in her/his sub-conscience percolates into his everyday life and becomes a part of his conscience. And as this is a part of the conscience gets effaced from the sub-conscience. And there from the individual sub-conscience goes in search of some values which his/her conscience is bereft of. A vicious cycle, if I can qualify it as.

What is a Dream?

I believe that Dream is a human minds manifestation / simulation of the sub-conscience of the individual. Or is it just a mechanism to nurture and keep the sub-conscience alive, just as our state of being awake adds to our conscience?

I perceive the former as a more cognitive need for the human mind where it projects an alternate reality and feeds the senses (just like how the matrix works). While awake our senses feeds our mind, whist during sleep our mind simulates our senses as we enter an altered states of metabolism. To many it may sound silly, but if you've observed in the movie 'The Matrix', Neo jerks from his seat when having received a blow fighting Morpheus. Or the scene where smith puts a bug into Neo and he wakes up stunned from sleep the next moment. Is this not quite similar to us jerking off from our slumber when something uneventful gives us a shock?

I can account for this on another basis as well. This argument stems from my linking of the conscience and the sub-conscience operating in an intertwined fashion, feeding and refining one another. And human mind is subject to inertia and resists change. It is quite possible that this cognitive ability is a result of evolution, giving us the ability to have a mock session (as part of our dreams) before we face it in the real world.

The later gives a more biological purpose to this mechanism. The mind unable to shut down or go into stasis, enters into a mode of simulation to keep itself occupied. Know what they say - Idle mind is a devils workshop.

Why do we dream what we dream?

Lexically a combination of the above questions but logically very different :). This is a question of the content of the dreams. Something that I have no understanding about :-?. It seems to me all too random, chaotic and rarely a pattern to it. So I'll just go about enumerating it out and trying to make sense of it.

  1. Reenactment of that which I have witnessed - Real life incidents, stories, novels, movies, and the list is endless.
  2. Reenactment of cherished activity - What I like doing consciously (longings during my day) drift into my dreams as well.
  3. Meeting people whom you miss - People long gone, people inaccessible in space and time.
  4. Dreams you are in control of - This is a rarity. I remember only having had such a dream once. I woke up startled at something, realized I was having a sweet dream and went back to it, and for a while in control there ;).
  5. Dreams when you have not control - This I have experienced more often, more like the dream people have in the science fiction 'Sphere' by Crichton. Normalcy rules at first - going down the flight of stairs / overseeing the city from the terrace, and then gravity goes hay wired, and I float trying to gain control.
  6. Nightmares - Manifestations of my inner fears, insecurities, and that which I dread? Fear is the Key at times.
Enough of the listing *phew*. Sometimes dreams seem to be a precursor, indicative of the path to be taken as if intuition, while others a follow-up of the repercussions of an event. Does a person's mood reflect in their dreams or is it the other way or both?

This question seems elusive to me. Human mind as indeterminate as nature is :). There are some dreams that I wish to understand, or alternately leave it for time to tell - an easy way out. I close this post with this questions - What do Dreams Mean? (not M.M.K.R 'mean' :p,) but as in What are they indicative of?
and coincidentally, I came across this Dream Interpretation Test :)

Tuesday, December 6

interestingly ...

Had been through Function Point (S/W Extimation) training today (oops yesterday). And the nice trainer said something that caught my attention. Now read the following question real quick, the answer you give must be out of reflex. Don't cheat, for you'll be missing the fun aspect then.

Which is heavier - one kilo of iron and one kilo of cotton?

It was quite interesting how the mind works. Probably people who are "Visual Mathematician" as I am have a greated tendency towards such thinking.

The training as such was dubious requisite for the nature of work I am involved in. Nevertheless enough points to be noted @ least towards personal development ;). Quite often I wonder why is that these processes don't ensure anything. They talk of continuous improvement, based on heuristics and such. But nothing seems decicive, and the most cliched excuse is that - "it is just a guideline after all".

Philosophy and software don't seem to be all that different in some aspects. No Absolutes!!!

Another interesting stuff that came up during some discussion - that Man Month / Man Hours are highly deprecated terms in the software industry off late. And usage of these esp. in the west is likely to be suceptibly to scorn. Why? - because of the word 'Man' I suppose, and this seems to be bothering the womenfolk. How many more such silly ways would people pull in the the name of exalting women? So the term to use is Person Months / Person Hours. I am not against the later, but the reason just seemed hideously silly. These argument only assert/re-iterate the fact that womenfolk do not enjoy the stature as men in society. Now how long are they going to go on with this??

Wouldn't be surprised if a person is sued for addressing a group as 'guys' in the near future, ha ha ;)). Lucky Mr. Armstring who said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", for if he were still around he'd probably get sued soon =)), and may asked to apologize n rephrase it as 'humankind'.

Thursday, December 1

Freeya vidu, Freeya vidu, Freeya vidu maame, Aaru ku illai Gurantee

The heart throb of the south indian women folk, is commin up as Aarumugam (is this a stunt to match vikram as aaruchaami??) ... great expectations from the movie ... @ the least to boost his value even further in TFI

There is no easy way to say this so ... I didn't enjoy the music much, not even a wee bit :( ... so I'll keep this short :).
  1. Soda Bottle Kaiyela - Typical dabban koothu song, a pot pourri from signature vikram movie tracks and street songs. A total galeej song. Instruments - paatharam, buckets, n cycle chains, meelam ... ha ha.
  2. Thottutae - My 1st thought was that the 1st electronic segment was an adoptation inspired from Enigma's - "The Landing" (a fantastic track). And then the rest felt like "Kankalinal" song from Priyasakhi. Frought with mukkals n all crazy sounds. Mix of classical instruments and what not. Incoherence was the feeling.
  3. Freeya Vidu - a husky voice singing this, which reminded me of an old song with the similar motif, but this song - "katta vandee katta vandee" from sagalakalaa vallavan is proly close to the one I am thinking about ~x(. Good for konnam monnam dance during road trips n college bachelors parties ;). Beemani n solari were all >:P, worth spitting at. The lyrics kind resembles this song - "Mallu vetti maanaa madhireee, na pandhayathula vekka pooren vellai kudhireee" ... typical gaana track.
  4. Nenjam Ennrum II - (Read thru the nxt item b4 u read this). This is a much much better one, and could have been developed into a good track. But they cut this short to just within 100 secs.
  5. Nenjam Ennrum - its got the same javvunu iizhukkum precussion instrument as in "Theepidikka" from Arindhum Areeyamelum to the same length @ 3:00-3:20 of that song. Songs is a crap. The pastoral setting of instrument would be more befitting for songs like "Yelaa Yelaa Yelaa" (from AA). And rap to make it even more worse. "Pathetic" is the operative word.
  6. Dhurogam - a senti song, maybe adding to the plot of the movie. Quite a morose theme to it, like the one in Majaa. Not appealing otherwise.
  7. Paakaadhe - Very slow and sad track. Simple, yet banal and unimpressive.
My recommendation, please don't waste your time on this. If you are so stubborn / vetti, listen to the them in the order I put to take it to some extent.

Bottomline - Music is Disappointing :(. I really hope the movie makers gave no regard to the music, and have put in something else in the movie to make it sell.