Wednesday, April 30

Right & Wrong

I just happened to have this long conversation yesterday evening with my friend who'd come back from ausi for bride hunt and this statement just came up in the middle. Apparently he doesn't know the origin of this statement either. Here is how it goes :).

Women 1st take the right decision and then thinking they took the right turn take a battery of wrong decisions then on :p.

Men on the other hand start off with a wrong decision and then take the right ones being wary of the 1st ;).

I just couldn't resist but laugh at it. Not that I completely bought it but nevertheless I am a pretty normal guy who tends to find fun in statements with talk on the follies of women :D.

Of course, what is right and wrong is a point-of-view / matter-of-opinion. Talking in absolutes in B.S. But then I do find such statements (he-she kind) entertaining :).

I wonder how women would retort to the above statement. Perhaps some would be bold enough of accept it. Or that just a vain hope I shouldn't indulge in.


Saturday, April 26

Things in life we hate to do

Life and our very existence is all ruled by our perception of the world. Put it plain & simply, we are dominated by our view of the world from within our shoes. That is fundamentally how we have been built, how our senses function and perhaps explains as to why we are the way we are :D.

We seldom recognize our inability or lack of conscience to put ourselves into others shoes and look at the events that have gone past. And then there are those amongst you and I who do :). After a lot of battle if I might add. It takes a lot of courage and sometimes it just comes with age ;).

But then there are these moments when you direly want to but you have been bluntly denied the right to understand, only given the choice (ironic *huh*) to accept things without even understanding them.

And then the inevitable. Despite your best efforts your only way out of it is to do the unthinkable. It seems so unethical, as if treason but at the same time it remains the hardest and consequently (& plausibly of course) the best decision in your life. So here I am having to make one of the most disheartening decisions in my life as tears leave my eyes murky, hoping (fingers crossed) that this is best for one and all.

*GOSH*, I wish I could go back in my life and change something in my past, for once and for the 1st time EVER. Never thought things to get down to this. Thats life I guess :).