Saturday, August 30

Honoured ...

It was an honor to watch V.S.Narasimhan Sir, VVS, G.S.Mani, Srivatsava and Chandru Sir on stage all together. Such a rarity I say. I sooo wanted to have my copy of Resonance album autographed by Sir V.S.Narasimhan Sir himself :). It would be a blessing for me. Only later did I realize that I gave it away as a gift. Its one album that I have loved to listen to since my school days. It never ceases to leave me in bliss. What can I say - an opportunity I missed.

Such humility :-o, my hearty pranams to you Sir :). Hope I get a chance to meet you some day and get your blessings.

Btw it was CARVA's Anniversary Festival for the year 2008.

You come home Zoned out and sick only to realize you are pretty much along even though technically otherwise. Life has changed and all things said and done you are on your own. Hmm. Perhaps I've become old. Guess I was on low energy levels. Hmm.

On the bright side I guess I gave a few people something they'd wanted for long :). A little happiness that I could offer to others. And surprises too :D. Gives me some gratification. Might not be appreciated by all but, nevertheless.


Thursday, August 28

Somethings we forget!

Your mind takes a while to understand and get things into it. And sometimes by the time it gets it you got to let it go of your system. Hmm, and we are hardly ever aware of it.

Sometimes event the music that cheers you up can leave you hollow and a heavy heart. I don't know why so often and why in the 1st place. Hmm.


Sunday, August 24

You never know what you are leaving behind when you move on in life. Life has changed so much for me since the new year. Only now has the turbulence mitigated and clear skies seemed to be on the way :). Good times so to speak.

So much I (had to) shed and so much I gained. And here comes a time when sweet rain seems not too right. For all I know I could be leaving behind something I shouldn't be in search for something that I'd probably never find nor does it exist. It eerie and uncomfortable. Its not fear. Its just that I wonder if am too demanding on myself lost in a race that no one ever wins. The winners are only those who pick their rewards as it comes instead of ignoring em and hunting for a bigger treasure.

I guess not all things in life come along in our journey of life. I can only hope that I don't repent for what I will leave behind. Like I always say to near & dear ones, we tend to hunt for gold all our lives not knowing it were there with us all the time.

The ironical part is you can never be sure about it! *duh* ;). Guess life is a gamble after all. One where you just decided that the choices you made are all for good to feel good about it all, howsoever it may turn out. For now I can only take what it has to offer. No more dare devil stunts this year :D. That's not me, but let me give it a try :).

For now I can only go along the wind.


Saturday, August 23

Finally what my folks always wanted!

When I used to slouch as a kid my aunt used to come and knock my back asking me to sit straight :). She used to threaten me that she'd fix a wooden stick along my back to make me sit erect if I don't comply =))! Ha ha! Although I consciously try to sit erect as it feels good, though its not comfortable for long. I end up slouched when I get cozy or bogged down with my code not working :D. Seriously this is definitely one useful gadget for something we all tend to ignore.

I just wanted people to know that this is on my wish list :p. Anybody wanna get this for me? (So shameless of me *duh*.)


Thursday, August 21

Green peace

Imagine you look up at the clear sky and you find trees from the sides mushrooming over the path you stand in. Leaves appear in golden green and the dew drops sparking in the sunlight. Its as if the tree was decorated with glitter. The sun comfortably hiding behind some branches and showing nature in all its glory. Beautiful display of colours and hardly any sound but for those of the branches and the mild cold wind which picks up the hair blocking the view. It was as if god opened up the door to another world.

As I watched I noticed the sweet singing of some unknown bird. It was too high to spot but it was hopping on a branch everytime it voiced the music. Bliss to the ears while amidst the tranquility of nature. As I was prying to get a good view of it a gust of wind shook the branches and the tree showered me with dew drops. I was out looking for some warmth at heart and these cold dew drops did their trick :). I closed my eyes to feel it for a while taking a deep breath and *tok*, twigs fell on me waking me up from my blissful indulgence. But this was one that made me don a smile of satiety. Don't remember when was the last time I had such a smile :p.

I continued to look for the bird and a *splotch* sound beside me. It was a crow that decided to bomb. Then I realized where the idea of aircraft bombers must have come from :D. Imagine the amount of bombing the guy could have gone through ;) or maybe he just thought nature was brilliant. He he. I was fortunate to have been outside the blast radius and I decided not to play dice any more :D. So I moved on as usual.

This incident sort of reminds me of how we fail to recognize things that make us happy day-to-day. Instead we run around hunting for those that give a rush and doesn't last. It reminded me of how much I've taken for granted people and things very much around me which leave me happy from the inside and instead I go in search of ephemeral bliss. Like they say in tamizh - "irukaradhe vittu illadhadhukku parakkaradhu". For the benefit of those who don't quite get that tamizh verse, its like hunting for gold all life only to realize later that you were always sitting on top of a gold mine. Only you never realized it and now its gone ;).

Sadashivnagar park has become quite an asset to me. Almost daily I take a walk past it just to unwind my mind and my eyes. This is probably the best thing about Bangalore - the lovely parks :). Every time I walk past I notice the gardener who diligently tends to the plants making them blossom at their best for those who come to take a walk filling their lungs with fresh breath. Interestingly he stays oblivious to those innumerable couples who find it a place for love making (now I don't mean talking). I guess he sees a life beyond that.

Such walks usually end in an introspective conversation with my other self for various reasons. But one of these days I just wanted to shut down my mind from thinking :D. (Don't ask why.) It was the most beautiful sight and experience when I looked up. Its been raining every now and then here and the trees are sooooo beautiful. I stopped for a few seconds and my eyes were misty.

I don't have a camera here so I wanted to remember that sight so I can perhaps paint in someday. This reminds me that I was good at drawing and painting at school. This weekend am gonna go over those countless certificates I got at various competitions :). I wanted to indulge in something very different. Keep reminding me to post a picture of my last sketch - a tortoise, ha ha. I am sure I've preserved it somewhere although the paper would have become a bit pale. Let me dig that this weekend.


Wednesday, August 20

On Morality

An Interesting thought :)

Tuesday, August 19

A Facade?

Am making a bunch of generalizations here but these are just based on my observations in life.

People who seem very mature at the outside aren't quite so in real. Its just how they want people to see them and recognize them - as mature grownups, while they are indeed not. Half their time is spent in projecting themselves to people as this perfect person. Making an impression is what matters. Being the raw you is considered uncouth. Life is spent for the society and taking pleasure in their praises.

One might argue that you become what you believe in. But there is a fine line b/w that and not recognizing ones true self. Instead people become this person whom everyone admires. Like the coach says in Rocky - you spend half your time being a gentleman rather than what you are within. Need I explain the rest?

And then these people who seem like a joker / crack pot are usually quite mature when it comes to life. These people talk non-sense, make a fool of themselves never quite bothering what others think of them. At least that (how others perceive them) doesn't take priority over being themselves. Coz most of these people don't need others to assert their worth. There are some who go to the extreme of living in their world of glory while I have predominantly seen the others live true to self.

I guess one of the above characteristics dominate in each one of us. Ever took time to wonder which one dominates in you?


Saturday, August 16

They all (read well wishers) say I ain't wrong in doing so. But I know I am :|. I guess there is only one other person who can truly understand. Those piercing eyes on my table seem to look into me asking - Why? Hmm, usually I find em to be eyes that watch over me. Not at this moment. Tainted! What else can I say. Walking away doesn't help.

Guess its like they say - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am only seeing and hearing that which I want to, not as they are - which ironically is again only perception.

Marathon tomorrow early morning :). Although not quite the same. Hmm.

Thursday, August 14

Strange Connections

Yesterday there was heavy rains and Bangalore and then the inevitable - traffic jams. Apparently the traffic was jammed all the way from race course to Majestic and people just decided to walk. I was a bit fortunate in that the auto guy tried all directions before giving up and said this is as close to my destination as he could get (within 10 mins walk).

Thats how the evening started. My experience led me to be cool over how late the bus would leave. I was traveling by the 9:30 bus which came in at 10:45 and left majestic at mid-night. So it was 3 guyz sitting in the last row and exchanging gyaan on our experiences with Bangalore and travelling to Chennai. Later this dudette joined in and was blessed with a seat with water dripping from the top. Once we adjusted and got settled the conversations started. Unfortunately the other two guyz dozed off promptly :( even before the bus moved.

Apparently my company HR and she were roommates and thats where the conversation started. And that gal and I were yapping until 3/3:30 am. It was as if we were friends for long and were catching up. Apparently she was a Arian and I was pretty spot on at how Arians are from my personal experience. Only when the bus-driver took a break at about 2:30 for his dinner did we introduce ourselves by our names. Btw, her name was Sharmila :). Finally we decided to catch some sleep by 3:30. Our bus hit CMBT terminus at 6am. I helped her to the bus stop where she could get a MTC bus to her destination and we parted our ways after extending our wishes for Independence Day and otherwise :).

Strange thing was that she grew up in Bangalore and me in Chennai but that was never the topic of discussion :). It went on to so much that we even ended up talking about snoring too. I guess an explanation as to what brought that up is unnecessary ;).

In fact I mentioned to her that - "this is perhaps the first time that I have made such a long conversation (a.k.a yapping) with a random stranger!", and she too agreed :). Very unlikely that we'd ever meet up ever in our lives again but this will always be a journey I'll remember, as the one where I was aimlessly yapping with a fellow passenger until 3:30am.

Ha ha, me and yapping. A lot of my friends wouldn't even believe :p. Even I can't, esp. being someone for whome making a conversation with people is so hard. I guess it depends on the other person too. Perhaps I make easy friends with Arians, much like with one of my close buddies. An interesting experience!

Not too long ago did a fellow blogger had a similar experience and wrote about it here. Life with its twists and turns :).



My best wishes to all fellow Indians :).

I extend my salute and thanks for all the patriots, freedom fighters and others who directly / indirectly dedicated their lives for the cause of this country - its freedom and our future :).

While we all celebrate this occasion, let us remember that it doesn't end with tying tri-coloured balloons, wearing our national flag on our shirts, distributing sweets, fanfare and wishes to all. All that apart, I hope that this day instills the urge to make your contribution to our nations in any way, as it does for me :).


Wednesday, August 13

Flood of calls

Today in-and-around 8:45 in the morning all of the phones in my office started ringing :). On all the phones (based on the few I checked) I noticed the call was from this # 66082763. It was the usual crappy advertisement call which I have never even bother to hear once in full :).

It was annoying at first with all the phones on your entire floor ringing one by one. But then I was a bit excited and was wondering if it was some sort of an cyber-attack or something :D. I remember a movie where all phones in a city starts ringing endlessly. He he, mebbe I should was less movies.

Anybody else faced this today? Any clue as to what caused this?

Saturday, August 9

KungFu Panda


Its just been minutes since I came back from the movie and I wanted to blog about it :).

The movie was a total entertained with gyaan, inspiration, feelings and humor at every turn even when you thought things were turning too serious.

One thing Oogway said left me thinking.
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the Present ;).
Get It? Of course its an old say, but only today did I get to hear it :). Nice!

The movie was so full of messages put behind a veil of humor and presented with the grandios of CGI. AWESOME!

Po's dream was so captivating. Somethings kids do dream of :). I've once dreamed of fighting the skaarj warrior although I had no intent on becoming one unlike Po :p. I guess the other thing that led me to love this movie was that I always enjoyed movies like - "Drunken Master" and "36th chamber of shaolin" kinds. Again that element was there again.

Thankfully the climax was good as well. I was afraid it would spoil the movie like in "Happy Feet". But it was fun :).

If you ever felt you had similar taste in movies as I do, then DON'T MISS THIS MOVIE! Trust me in that you'll walk out with a wide smile and plenty of food for thought as well :).

Watch the trailers here.

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Friday, August 8

A Salam to Oblige

I usually go to HSB Fast Food on non-working days for breakfast after a flying visit to monkey prince. They have quite an arrangement for 2 wheeler parking and almost everyone goes by it.

There are security personnel outside (usually 2) which arbitrate vehicle parked our waiting for a while to make it easy for all. But there is this one guy who ticks me off. When I come to park my vehicle he behaves as if trying to help (holding the bike while I park it actually makes me uncomfortable).

And then a salam :). Now none if the other such people do that. I'd normally appreciate such an act , so I thought the first time.

But when I leave he moves the vehicles on both side of mine even though I can comfortably take my vehicle out. I even tell him please leave the vehicle and he still does it. Wish he left it at that. He would also hold the back (not-sturdy) of my vehicle as it pull it in reverse down the ramp. I've said time and again to just leave it and I can pull the vehicle out myself. He doesn't listen.

And then he comes stands upfront and puts another "salam" *uuugh*. I've observed many a time that such an act (in India at least) implies that he expects to be paid. I did feel obliged but I resisted it and moved on. He was a very able man who is employed and is doing such a thing.

Some of you might ask me - What are you gonna loose by giving the guy a couple of bucks. True, I probably wouldn't loose anything. But why should I pay for a service I didn't ask for and in fact didn't want? Coz the guy's idea was to make the person feel obliged for something he did!

Definitely smart, to offer an service not asked of and then to make the person feel obliged to pay something. Now thats NOT a value add. Nor do I like people who are servile.

And this is not just with this guy. I see a lot many people do such a thing.

On a counter e.g. Ammu, the little girl from whome I buy tender-coconut everyday its different. If she sees me coming at a distance she'd have the coconut chopped and ready to serve. Now that is a value add :). Everytime I go to her shop on the platform we greet each other with a nice smile (no salam or any servile behaviour) and we exchange a few words. Frankly if she'd ask me for an extra amount I would give it heartily. B she'd instead give me an extra tender-coconut and deny my paying for that and she said - just take it anna. I'd definitely gift her something someday because "I want to" (not coz I feel obliged) for all the value add, perks she has given me as a regular customer :). She sure is making profit and yet connecting with the customers, at least regular ones like me.

Yesterday I was so pleased to realize that she speaks tamil :). All this while out of habbituation I spoke with her in my crappy hindi although she spoke it pretty well. And she thought I was a northie #-o, ha ha. Now she knows I hail from the curd-rice clan :p.

I don't know if this Salam that people put to make other feels obliged only happens in India or south eastern countries. I've only seen em in movies at the hotel's entrance :p.


Saturday, August 2

Wanted to say something ...

but I don't know what :-?

The funny thing in my industry ...

the IT Industry, is that EVERY TOM, DICK & HARRY wants to be an entrepreneur and have a company of their own #-o.

It is so damn cliched. Am totally sick of such people. Almost all but a few I've seen are talkers and no doers (count me in on that one).

Which made me wonder as to what set apart those who make it and the wannabes? The difference is the one between perseverance and interest.