Wednesday, September 26

Enna kodumai saravanan!

My first step into the matrimony-sphere. I should have been excited, but no am not. Not a wee bit.

Why? Coz the profile I got to look at was not that of a girl #-o. Now hold you horses (imagination i.e.). It was a guy :(. NO! Don't let your thoughts run wild again. He is supposedly my junior in college and someone wanted to know about him. PERIOD. The face only reminded me of some kannadika actor :p. I better keep watch or else someone might mistake this for my profession :D.

Some 1st time moments in life are meant to be exciting. Such aaaas - first day at school, first time busted by the teacher, first crush, first love, first job, first salary, first vehicle, first specimen at a matrimony site :D. Oops!

I guess I might too end up doing it someday, but this whole matrimony thing makes me imagine like you are looking at a menu card or making a choice of the prey. As if all were lined up in a virtual zoo for passed by to look at and pick ;).

I know its fun for a lot of people, looking at profiles of the opp. sex and making all sorts of comments they wouldn't dare to otherwise. I had my own share of fun too. My close buddy had come from the US wanting to spend quality time and he was bombarded with so many prospects. I couldn't control my laughter watching him look at the gals profiles and gauging em. I even took a photo of him blushing and started a thread, ;)) wicked me.

Maybe am just conservative. But this whole game makes me think of it as if people up for sale. Glad there is no price tag attached, as yet ;). But its funny when you realize the kinda specs people put up there. Am not gonna discuss that here as it warrants a dedicated post and some research for which I hardly have time. I just realized that these specs are beginning to replace traditional horoscopes and could become the new mantra for a successful marriage, which again is a subjective clause.

I agree this is far better than traditional arranged marriages, but it still feels like shopping for a "thing". Maybe thats what it is :-s, just like picking up the best fitting clothes on that day. Now don't curse me if you get reminded of such things when you browse through matrimony sites :D.

Should I say blessed are those souls who find love before marriage. Spooky when I realize I might end up hunting through matrimony sites :-?. Its soo gross! But thats far away :). Lemme live is peace for as long as I can :).

For now, I'll be happy if I don't have to look at more guy profiles at matrimony sites :D. Cheerios!

Tuesday, September 4

Waiting like an idiot

All my life I have been waiting for people despite being stood up time and again. No, I didn't mean a guy-girl thing :p. My experience at that is zilch.

It just totally pisses me off when people don't keep up with their words. Its probably my fault that I expect such a thing out of them. But I don't understand if its too difficult for people to be courteous enough to say they can't for whatever reason it is (like I care).

The worse part is, they think they are courteous even after I hint them and continue to obliviously do the same thing again #-o. The funny part is they even empathize your point without realizing they do the same =)) ROTFL. I don't expect people to be perfect. But when you realize someone doesn't quite respect your time (for a long time i.e.), you don't feel like honoring theirs. I try not to think that way, but it feels like people just take me for granted.

Only thing I can do is not to expect such a thing from people, which I have. But now that time is at premium more than ever, such people are such a turn off.

If you are reading this, don't commit to appointments you can't keep up. And if for some genuine reason you can't be courteous enough to inform. And btw, appointments are just not restricted to meeting people in person ;).

Now that I'v cribbed, I am wondering if I'd ever done the same :-? although I am known to keep up with my appointments. On a philosophical note maybe I did not and am oblivious as much as the defaulters who empathize my point ;).

My lesson for now - don't expect people to keep up with their words and don't be a fool waiting for em.