Thursday, July 31

Addictive Lyrics

As much as I love songs for the music there are songs that I lurve for their lyrics and of course sometimes complemented by the voice behind it. More than dreamy lyrics I seem to like those that are a portrayal of of basic feelings. Unfortunately in Indian cinema its always about love for the simple reason that its a beautiful thing to portray. Wish there were some deep lyrics like those of linkin park here.

Enough Ado. These are some songs that I love listening to for its lyrics. Normally we disregard the lyrics and listen to the music and how rhyming the verses are to the music. But when it comes to these songs I take my time I listen past the music and feel the lyrics and poet bringing those to life.

I tried to put em in the order of songs whose lyrics leave me moved (read - I love "listening" to lyrics with my eyes closed) the most up. And these are a random pick off the top of my head as I've been listening to em a lot lately.
  1. Unnai Kandaene Mudhal Murai - Paarijatham
  2. En Mael Vizhundha Mazhai Thuliye - May Madham
  3. Yakkai Thiri - Ayudha Yezhuthu
  4. Mettu Poodu - Duet
  5. Unnarugil Varugayil - Kallori
  6. Pani Vizhum Malar Vanam - Ninaivellam Nithya
  7. Kannukku Mai Azhaghu (M & F Versions)- Pudhiya Mugham
  8. Nenjam Ellam - Ayudha Yezhuthu
  9. Idhudhaan Kaadhal - Pudhiya Mugham
  10. Yennai Konjam - Kaakha kaakha
  11. Pani Thuli - Kanda Naal Mudhal
  12. Poo Vaasam - Anbe Sivam
  13. Ondra Iranda - Kaakha Kaakha
  14. New York Nagaram - Sillunu Oru Kadhal
  15. Valai Oosai Kala Kala Kala - Sathya
  16. Poovukkul Olinthi - Jeans
  17. Pushing it Hard - Kanda Naal Mudhal (he he, seriously lovely lyrics)
  18. Nenjodu kaladhidu - Kadhal Kondaen
  19. Hey Hey Ennachu - Kaadhal Virus
  20. Nadhiye Nadhiye - Rhythm
  21. Sippi Irukkudhu Muthum Irukkudhu
The good thing is, its been a while since I enjoyed these songs like I do now :). Yaaay!

Which songs lyrics move you the most and which are your favourites?


Tuesday, July 29

Life is strange indeed

Came across this somewhere and wanted to put it across -

We make them cry who care for us.
We cry for those who never care for us.
And we care for those who will never cry for us.

Interesting! Incidentally over the weekend I had a conversation over how we go to lengths to do so many things for many people leaving out those close to us. More often than not, it doesn't start right from our homes. Hmm.


Saturday, July 26

Growing up sucks!

Something I realized off-late is that the more we learn the less flexible we become. Now I am not talking of the extraordinary people. What makes ordinary people so ordinary is how much they get institutionalized with the beaten path that they fail to explore things they would otherwise.

Imagine an Engineering or a Management graduate (sorry about the choice, but such people are the ones I encounter the most). Most people would only want to do something related to their field EVEN THOUGH they might have capacity to be better at something else. You might argue that you'll never know what it is you are best at. But my point here is that people fail to see themselves doing other things.

With most people degrees and education become blinders like for a horse. Now contrast this with a child.

Every wondered at how they explore the world. Agreed that they have less things to worry about, they are well taken care of and all. But ain't these excuses things that we burden ourselves with even when we don't have to?

I miss being that child that I was. No I am not talking about long long ago in a galaxy far far away. Its hardly been a few years since things changed, rather I changed. A friend of mine pointed this out during his last visit to India. I didn't understand it completely although I didn't deny it :). Whats the point in being this way, loosing your very essence in the name of being mature? Being compliant with the society has taken greater importance than being thyself.

I am gonna try to be that kid I once was. I know I risk losing some people (incl. close ones) in the process. But if they don't understand / accept me for what I am ( - I can be a pissoff a**h*** at times :D) then its only a matter of time until it falls apart. I wonder how many souls are out there who can put up with "me".

A Request to the Indian Media:

Please don't be hyper cynical and throw baseless hypothesis over incidents you don't understand. You hold a very responsible position of giving people information. A lot of people believe it. Viewership and ratings are not everything! Use your influence wisely.

Unfortunately like I always say its a point of view :|.

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Thursday, July 10

Growing up

A few first hand experiences off-late. One, I got to experience how people start behaving like a child as they grow older :). I was all smiles watching it.

One of my grandpa pretty old and counting his days holding on to witness occasions at home just gobbles sweets left right and center much like a kid does. Literally! And the mid-age people keeping tabs on it so things are under control. I was almost ROTFL watching it.

And then it was my other grand-dad at the ICU. I went to see him and after speaking a few words he says - "yaarume ennakku coffee tharalai" (nobody gave me coffee) in a sober tone. I had the honor of carrying this news to my aunt who was taking care of him.

My grandmom did her own share while she was in hospital. Like they always do they removed all her jewels and returned it to us. The next day she wakes up and fights with the nurse that she stole all her jewellery and shooed her. Seriously, the nurse didn't know how to convince her otherwise :D.

Being so dependent on others to take care of us is probably what we associate as a child. Really old people need / love others being around and giving them attention just like kids do. Sometimes watching old people this was makes you don a smile and sometimes leaves you glum when you realize they were the epitome of independence just a few months / years back. Hmm.

The other experience is as to how weird people get. It still leaves me thinking. It has definitely made me smart but I doubt if it made me any smarter. Or I wouldn't be thinking so much over it ;).


Friday, July 4

21 & 21...

Just came back after watching this movie - 21. Turns out that after a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long time I haven't slept for over 21 hrs. 4:30 am - 1:30 am and still going. Mebbe I'll push some more today. Sort'a crossed the sleepy phase. It feels nice to live like the good old days.

Anywayz, the movie was good. Worth watching once. While the scenes really didn't make me feel the rush (proly coz I was technically zilch at black jack) although the whole concept was great. Unfortunately there were points where the movie got predictable :(. None of the female casts were all that great, but had they been so it might have just spoilt the movie.

One thing I liked about the movie is how it portrayed some truths of the reality. With so many movies giving a happy ending just to make the audience feel better this one took a little detour. A happy ending but with more realistic touch to it.

Reopening some things from my past. They are not gone, they are not dead. Just dormant. So no more personal posts here ;).