Wednesday, October 29

You keep cruising along your life and then you read these words as you pass along and they make you forget everything around you, everything thats is real and lost in memories.

Incidentally its when you hear this - whats in your head doesn't matter when you hearts all empty!

Well Well :).

Thursday, October 23

Sometimes what you get in life is not quite what you want although you thought so. All of a sudden all that you held onto don't make sense. It's there right upfront but you dont want to accept it anymore. Coz you realize after a while that what has really come about is that your mind complies to the conditioning you are subjected to rather than your dream. Life doesn't seem to head towards the purpose you once thought it did. Instead you feel you are chasing someone else's dream. With the purpose of your life so murky living seams so meaningless. It feels weird.

Friday, October 17

Sometimes people come in your life and move things around like moving furnitures around in a room. We try to move things back to where they were but it doesn't quite work that way. What you moved together can't quite be moved by self. Some changes in life are here to stay.

Like a wise man once said - one often meets his destiny on the way you take to avoid it ;). Would I? Would we?

Saturday, October 11

I thought silence would kill me

But for some reason I seem to be enjoying it.

For once I am able to listen to myself - my breath, my stomach, my thoughts without any distractions. The best part being my thought process is so very selfish :D since its just a game of survival now.

Oh well! I just gave up to lack of noice without a choice :).

Thursday, October 9

Bomb Threat Questionnaire

Questions to Ask:
1. What time will the bomb explode?
2. Where is it?
3. What kind of bomb is it?
4. What will cause it to explode?
5. What does it look like?
6. Where are you calling from?
7. Why did you place the bomb?
8. What is your name?

All of it makes sense but what comes to your mind when you read through this on a lighter note?

Sunday, October 5

Time and again I feel am leaving behind something I shouldn't be. It leaves me sooo hollow with a heavy heart reluctant to move forward.

You wait and push for something to happen and then when it does you wish it doesn't coz of the above feeling. Its driving me nuts.

If only wishes can come true without having to do much, even though I know that it never does. Hmmmm.