Tuesday, April 28

Justifying our existence

So many things in our lives seem like a way to justify our existence. It starts right from birth. But here are a few things that come up in the phase of life I am in.

Family - Parents justify their existence for their children. Children when they grow up justify their existence fir their parents. Its a catch 22-situation you see. A great way nature has come up with ensuring the survival of the human species. And then of course marriage. Since children outlive parents it is another way to justify our existence.

I am seeing more and more that society has conditioned our minds to justify our existence for others, and it is the same with other. Interestingly if not for this mutual thing I wonder how many of us would have a urge to exist. Reminds me of how old people just cease to exist when they reach a point when they no longer see a purpose for our existence.

Most part of people's life if you'd notice is only justified by those around them. Very little of it is lived for the individual.

Agent Smith was right indeed ;). Not to be idealistic but perhaps we should live more for thyself just for those around us. Now I get this thought that these "enlightened gurus", saadhus, saints and kind live more for themselves than we do.


Wednesday, April 8

Siva Manasula Sakthi ... Bleady Fantastic

This is by far one of the most fantastic movies that I have seen. Off-late I am seeing a trend of some good movies in Tamil. This one definitely tops my list. It had all the elements of a movie in good proportion. I am seriously out of words. The movie was full of surprises. Sorta comparable to kungfu-panda :D. It was great drama in all. I'd love to own my own copy of it ;). You heard me!

The best part was that it reminded me of instances from my life. Dialogues that are considered taboo but those I've listened to in real. Word to word! There were so many things I could associate with my life. Petty things scattered across the movie that so reflected things from my life. Perhaps that explains my liking for it.

Apart from the main story line, the simple backdrop captivated me. Amongst movies which all portray the unreal since most people don't want to see what they experience for in real this movie really stands testament to how much can be said with the simplicity of our day to day lives. Brilliant piece of work!


Wednesday, April 1

GMail Autopilot

At first I was like WTH and then I realized it was April 1st :). I don't quite remember what google did last year but I vaugly remember something to do with space or something called google paper. It was interesting then as well.

Looks like I am getting better at not making a fool of myself these days ;). He he.

Guyz at google are indeed innovative. Check it out here - http://mail.google.com/mail/help/autopilot/index.html. You can also see a "New! Gmail Autopilot" in the top of you gmail screen.