Friday, June 29

Its wierd

but, sometime you find things that are more important to you than things you think that are important. You know what I mean? Maybe its just getting older ;)


Sunday, June 17

Lets Find Love

Hello folks,

The Rebelz are back with a new production with a desi motif! This time with another story-line that you and I can relate to ;). Even for those who've already found love :p. For that matter everyone of our generation.

What sparked off as a conversation we had during a nightout at the shores of mAmallapuram now stands manifested as LFL. (Read the Big Q section here to get into context.) This time they've got live music too. The background score in being played by one of the guyz rebelz. You can listen to the title song and get a sneak peak of the cast here. They may not be like those you see on the silver screen like whome many fantasize to be but thats not how the guy/gal who lives next door is :). Ain't it so?

I don't wanna reveal too much and end up writing a spoiler. But I can say that it does answer a big question that many of us have faced or asked others. Why is it that you don't have a girl/boyfriend? Oh yesss!

So just come over and see it for yourself. I am sure many of you regular listeners of FM might have heard interviews by their team over the last 1 week. Grab your tickets and spend your evening with the Rebelz giving a spicy portraying of our desi lives. If you are someone who looks for entertainment with a message then you wouldn't want to miss this one.

The show is happening at - Chinmaya Heritage Centre, #2, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet on the 23rd and 24th at 6pm. Tickets are available at Landmark and Music World outlets at spencers. Or if you are too lazy you can call up and book your tickets at - 98400 95253.
Be there with the rebelz and share a fun filled evening. Your boy/girl-friends are welcome ;) he he. While I will be having fun backstage as always ;) *grrrr*. Why don't I have a girl-friend yet! Oops!

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Thursday, June 14

The Hedgehog Concept

Interestingly it ain't something unnatural and yet uncommon ;).

I've been stuck with David Blain fever lately. For those who ain't aware of him, he is one of the finest magicians of the day who'd dare to do magic right amongst us on the streets rather than on stage. AXN seems to be featuring shows on his daring attempts at prime-time. If you are someone who loves magic then you'd sure be out of words :). His presentation with an eerie tone makes it all the more alluring. As for those who can't you can watch plenty of stuff here. Adios.

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Wednesday, June 6

Good artists copy, great artists steal !

Not sure how many know that this was quoted by a great artist himself - Pablo Picasso. (I didn't mean great in the sense he quoted :D.) I happened to bounce into this while watching the movie - Pirates of the silicon valley. Its not a movie if you are looking for entertainment but its a good one if you are IT savvy, a bit of a gyaan movie I'd say. I believe the movie is more about the characters than the facts as such. Quite interesting to know that these guyz were mega crack pots :D. And do check out these too. Really good stuff watching the history of the industry that feeds me.

Also got to see Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, 1st day :). Excepting for that pet talk which that dame gives the rest seemed acceptable. A good entertainer. Still havent seen the 1st too parts :D.


Saturday, June 2

1-Day Helmet Mandate

So it is true! The government or someone associated with them have made all the money they needed through the sales of helment. Its been just over a day since the mandate came into effect and now that they've made the money they need the government goes ahead and advises cops to not fine people for not wearing a helmet. Instead cops are to catch hold of them and make advise #-o. IT CAN'T GET ANY MORE OBVIOUS THAN THIS :). A state government sponsored spam, thats what this is - in the name of public good. Absolutely brilliant, about 500-1000 bucks from each household that runs on two-wheelers. Yet again its the tolerant middle class which gets punished.

People talk of one government being corrupt and the other is not. BS. This government is equally corrupt if not more. I wish someone bring up an investigation into this and bring to light what happened in the background if not to justice.

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