Sunday, July 22

Hungama @ Horsley Hills

Life is driving me nuts! So I pitched in to a weekend trip with my gang in the last minute, blogger gODo inclusive. Awesome fun, it was. I don't know to swim, yet I somehow managed to run down and jump into the pool ;)). Hey, I summoned that much for having no clue about swimming :). (Shhhh! It was only 5 feet deep :D). Time is at premium now :(, so I'll leave with some photos. Btw, for those who can make it, its a lovely retreat when you want to go without any major plans just to chill.

Well there was more fun ;) (the pool was just the tip of the iceberg), but think I'd leave it here for now. Adios amigos.

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Sunday, July 1

Idea without Ideas

Not sure how many of you have seen the new ad from Idea Cellular. For benefit of those, herez how it goes.

Two bachelors in their rooms watching TV. One guy scuffles for his mobile unable to find it. He asks the other guy to buzz him mobile so that he locate his. The other guy makes a call while guy #1 finds his phone, pick the call and say - "thanks, I found it". Just coz calls only cost 50 paisa #-o *gosh*.

Idiots or what? The 2nd guy must have been quite an idiot to have not cut the call when the other guy was sitting right in the same room. Idea Cellular without Idea?

On the flip side Pulsar 220 Ad R.O.C.K.S. Ever since bajaj came with their signature song years ago - "nayi bharath ki nayi thasveer", every new ad of theirs with that song gives me goose bumps at least for 5/6 viewing. Although I didn't like the unrealistic parts of the ad. The best ad of the pulsar EVER was the stunt guy racing through a wire bridge, breaking sharp and doing a 180 deg on the front wheel. AWESOME that was ;). This bike is sheer muscle and somehow it felt like they forgot to capitalize on that. Not my call. Nevertheless, still an brilliant ad although not on the thought provoking side ;).