Saturday, October 13

Sundal Season

The best thing about Navrathri / Dhushera is the influx of sundal. Just not the ones made at home but ones that my mum gets from the places she visits. Oh yes! I made a pact with her long back that she got to get them for "me". One of the perks of being the only child at home ;).

Ever since we moved to West Mambalam, its never been quite like in our appartment in Ashok Nagar. Maybe the network on ppl has gone down. Somehow the same energy ain't there at home. Reminds me of me and grandpa constructing the 10/11 golu steps after unloading them all from the loft. It was like a piece of engineering :D, and physical too. I used to make petty stuff with dancing light LCD with mini electronic kits to adore lord Ganesh. Not to mention the parks that I'd make by seeding raagi a week earlier. It was nice watching the women and gals draped in grand sarees / pattu pavadai's on their seasonal errands.

I somehow miss all that. Maybe I have joined the bandwagon of people lost in the corporate world. It really sucks having to work on saraswathi pooja / vijayadhasami day, esp. when they fall on a weekend. But thats how life goes for me.

But on the bright side, I still get my sundals :) *slurp*. Pattani sundal today. Two round complete, one more to go before dinner :D. What a season to start with a tummy #-o.


Monday, October 1

Nenjodu Kalanthudu - Kaadhal Kondeen

I recently heard this song somewhere and it sounded so familiar that I felt like I'd go nuts if I don't find out the semblance. So I prowled for this song and finally got it ;) - you can listen to it here.

And of course what it soo resembles as well. Turns out it had the exact same tune played on the violin in the old song Runaway by The Corrs, one of my favourite bands. Besides, I used to listen to that album so much while in college.

Yuvan even made sure that the sound of the pipers are not missing. After all, its an irish tune ;).

You know what they say - "Good artists copy, great artists steal" - Pablo Picasso. Now don't ask my how do you differentiate between the copying & stealing :p.